11 dead in Chinese student volleyball team’s

11 dead

A horrifying accident occurred in northeastern China when the roof of a school gymnasium collapsed during volleyball team practice, cause 11 dead. The incident took place at a middle school gymnasium in Qiqihar city, Heilongjiang province, during a student volleyball team’s training session. people among the victims were two coaches and 17 players of the school’s women’s equipment.

Preliminary Findings: Potential Causes of the Collapse

Initial investigations point to building materials left on the roof of the gymnasium during the construction of an adjacent building as a possible cause of the 11 dead. Specifically, the material in question, called perlite, absorbed water from rainfall, increasing its weight and potentially contributing to the catastrophic failure of the gymnasium roof. Authorities are conducting further investigations and considering criminal charges against those involved in the construction.

Grief and Outrage in the Local Community

The tragic event has sent shockwaves through the local community and the broader public, igniting feelings of grief and outrage. Local media shared images of a large crowd gathered outside the school to pay their respects, leaving flowers as a somber tribute to the victims.

Concerns Over Official Handling and Transparency

The accident has not only sparked emotions but also raised concerns about the official handling of the incident. Some members of the public have accused authorities of delaying the release of timely information, further fueling frustration and disappointment. Social media has been a platform for expressing discontent, with comments critical of the officials and their prioritization of maintaining their positions over addressing the tragedy.

Calls for Safety Reforms

Tragedies involving lax safety standards have become all too familiar in China. This latest incident has reignited calls for urgent safety reforms. Chinese officials have promised to conduct thorough investigations and address the inadequacies in investigating potential safety hazards and supervising safety measures. They referred to the ongoing “Special Action Plan 2023” to investigate and remediate major security risks, announced in May.

Safety Concerns Persist in China

Safety incidents remain a persistent issue in China, with various accidents in recent months underscoring the need for significant improvements. Last month, an explosion at a barbecue restaurant claimed 31 lives, prompting pledges for a nationwide campaign to enhance workplace safety. Chinese leader Xi Jinping emphasized the need to identify and rectify risks and dangers across the country.


The tragic collapse of the school gymnasium roof has left a deep scar on the local community, causing grief and raising questions about safety standards and official handling of such incidents. As investigations continue, authorities must address the deficiencies in safety supervision and swiftly rectify potential hazards to prevent similar accidents in the future. The incident is a grim reminder of the importance of prioritizing security and life-saving measures across all sectors of society.