3 Key Ways To Look Your Best During Interviews

After weeks of submitting your application, the company you’re eyeing to work with finally called you. They informed that you passed the pre-screening exam and now, you’re scheduled for an interview. The HR officer on the other line also told that this interview would be participated by the other executives of the company. They’ll be the ones to assess if you’re the perfect fit to work for them. Because of this information, you started to get nervous. You believe you can ace the interview, but you don’t know how to dress for it – and you understand how your fashion choices can make or break your first impression with this company. You want to look your best during the interview but actually doing it is a struggle for you.

How you look the first time you set foot in an office can create an impression. Whether this impression is bad or good, will depend on what you wear. And since your interview is coming up, you need fashion tips to help you out. Here are some ways you can look your best during interviews:

1.) Check out the company culture: Before you decide to purchase a new outfit for your interview, take the time to assess the company culture. You can use the internet or your friends who worked there to know better about the company. You can use this information as a basis for how you should dress for the interview. Are the employees wearing suits and ties every day to work or are they wearing shirts and jeans?

  • 3 Key Ways To Look Best During Interviews suit, tie and dressNowadays, wearing a suit and tie for men and a formal dress for women is not always the best choice for interviews. When you arrive for your interview wearing a suit and tie while every employee there wears a shirt and jeans, you’ll feel uncomfortable and out of place – factors which will also affect how your interview will go.
  • Additionally, wearing something incoherent to the company culture will give off the wrong energy. And worse, it can leave the impression that you’re not a fit for the company.

2.) Present yourself neatly: Regardless of what the company culture is, one thing is certain: you should make sure that your clothes are clean and ironed out. You don’t want your interviewer to be distracted just because you have dirty and wrinkled pants, right?

  • Everything that you wear during the interview should also fit you perfectly – nothing too fitted as this can restrict your movement, and nothing too loose as this can appear scruffy. Wear clothes that can give you comfort. You want to be calm and relaxed during the interview.
  • Aside from the pieces you wear, your grooming and hygiene are also essential. Your hair should be neatly combed, nails are trimmed, and deodorant should be used. Your hair should be in a manageable style, without going overboard. For women, it’s best that you wear a bun that sweeps your hair from front to back. For men, you may use gel so your hair will stay in place.
  • When you use aftershave or perfume, use these sparingly. The same goes for your makeup. You should never put too much makeup on your face as this can distract the interviewer. If you’re planning to wear jewelry, carefully pick which to wear. Don’t flash too much bling during the interview.

3.) Avoid loud prints: No, you should never wear your floral suit for an interview. In times like this, it’s best that you stick to block colors and neutrals. When you wear loud prints, it takes the attention off of you and into the cloths instead. You want your skills to be highlighted, and not what you wear. You can wear brighter colors but make sure that you can create a balance between a smart and stylish look.


In Conclusion

Dressing up during interviews is different when you’re dressing up for a wedding or other occasion. For one, your choice can reflect who you are as a person – and this is something which an employer is very keen about. Sure, you might be hardworking and determined, but when your clothing doesn’t show any of these, there’s a big chance that you won’t get the position. To ensure that this won’t happen to you, take note of the tips presented in this article. Some of these tips might seem new to you, but if you really want to look good during interviews, you should be willing to try these out!




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