The Wedding Dress – perhaps the most important aspect of any wedding fashion. If you’re looking for a wedding dress for your dream day, you’re likely going to have a lot of considerations in mind, and taking all of these into account can be an extremely challenging task. However, don’t fret as there’s always a way for you to determine which wedding dress is for you. Here are some tips to choose the best wedding dress for your body type.


What Do The Numbers Say?

Numbers from POPSUGAR indicate that 68-percent of brides actually spend less than $1,000 on their respective wedding dresses, which can come up as a bit of a surprise given how weddings are usually hyped on a worldwide scale.

  • Interestingly, it also appears 75-percent of brides have visited one (1) to three (3) boutiques before getting married, with 30-percent having tried less than three (3) dresses before choosing their perfect wear for the day. 31-percent of those women surveyed choose A-line dresses, followed by mermaids (17-percent), ballgowns (16-percent) and sheaths (13-percent). Surprisingly, 23-percent of brides chose other unconventional wedding dress styles, which may include a variation or a mixture of the aforementioned styles.
  • Colors of dresses are still primarily on shades of white – with 40-percent of women preferring ivory. Other colors include white (35-percent), soft white (15-percent) and champagne (10-percent).

With these statistics in mind, it can get a bit overwhelming to choose the wedding dress for your WEDDING DRESS2perfect day. However, our team here at MOT International has got your back. Here are some other tips to choose the best wedding dress that is perfect for your body type:

  • If you’re petite, try to go for a toga or a floaty goddess wedding dress. This elongates your frame and helps accentuate your height. A mermaid gown also helps increase your height thanks to its shape. Its continuous line and high band helps stretch your stature but doesn’t overwhelm. Another lengthening trick is to wear a toga gown with ruching that is asymmetrical. The long lean lines created by the raised waistline can help give yet another illusion of length.
  • If you’re pear, diagonal-draped dresses can make you look svelte. The ruffled tiers and asymmetrical folds in such a gown can help slim the angle from the hemline to the hip. If you have a single-strap bodice, you can actually have it go with a lot of skirts that can help hide your curves. For instance, an A-line wedding gown with a beaded waist can help hide your figure.
  • If you’re plus-sized,  a goddess gown can help slim the body dramatically by focusing on being snug under the busy and then flowing throughout the rest of the body.
  • If you’re busty,  remember that covering your chest entirely will all the more make it seem bigger. So it might be best if you show some cleavage with a dress like an organza down that possesses a V-neckline, alongside wide straps. Another option is a fitted bodice that is secured throughout the body with serious interior structuring. A scoop neck can also make dresses look sexy, even if you’re tightly covered.



The Takeaway: It’s Always With Comfort And Style

Perhaps the main takeaway from the above is to always remember to prioritize comfort and style as much as possible. It can’t always be pure comfort, and it can’t always be pure style – sometimes the best wedding dresses are the ones that fit the fine line in between. Remember, this is your special day, so you’ve got to feel good and look good while doing it. Luckily the tips above would be of assistance in order to find that wedding dress that is just right for your needs.   








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