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5 Fashion Trends You Should Never Follow

Fashion trends are everywhere. And while some of these fashion trends are appealing, some are not. There are fashion trends which might look good in the media but when worn, they won’t have the same effect on you. To give you an idea of what these are, here are five fashion trends which you should never follow:Fashion Trends - Crocs

1.Crocs: Most people wear crocs when they’re at the beach or when they’re gardening, but if you want to be at your A-game when it comes to fashion, this is a piece you should never have. This footwear looks bulky and unfashionable.

2.Super skinny pants: No, these aren’t the ones sold in designer shops. These pants are the ones which are too tight from your waist down to your ankles. You might think that these will give you that “slim figure” you’re looking for, but in reality it doesn’t work out that way. Wearing super skinny pants won’t only be uncomfortable but this will also pose health risks as this can restrict your blood flow to important organs in your lower body.

3.Trademark patterns on clothing: Brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton are known for their logos. Even without the brand name, once people see their logos, it’ll be easy to identify what it represents. But when these logos are printed all over your clothing, it’ll never look good. Wearing shirts or pants with logos printed all over it doesn’t look good. You’ll also look like a walking advertisement for these brands.Fashion Trends _ Baggy Tees and Loose Pants

4.Baggy tees: Anything that doesn’t fit you, won’t look good on you, especially when it comes to your tees. Wearing baggy tees won’t accentuate your figure and may make you look larger than you actually are. A good-fitted shirt is the appropriate clothing to wear as it not only defines your appearance in a good way, but it also helps you express yourself more naturally.

5.Levered sunglasses: If you’ve seen Kanye West’s performance during the 2008 Grammy, you might be familiar with levered sunglasses. But when you’re just a typical person who goes to work every day, these glasses won’t work. Levered sunglasses look silly when worn, and it’ll look like you’re wearing window blinds in front of your eyes.



In Conclusion

Just because the people around you are following a particular fashion trend, doesn’t mean you should do the same too. You should always remember that these trends won’t have the same effect on everyone, including you. Sure, your friend might look good in knee-high boots, but you can’t expect the same appeal once you wear one. You should learn to weigh what looks good (and what doesn’t) on you and not just hop on the next fashion bandwagon. Take note of the things presented in this article to save yourself from committing any fashion crime.  


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