5 Great Body Piercing Ideas For Newbies

Extreme body piercings are not for everybody. There are those who like to go with the basics when it comes to piercings, others to make a fashion statement, and others consider body piercings as their form of self-expression. If you belong to the latter group and are still a newbie to body piercings, read through to get five of the best body piercing ideas: 

1. The Belly Button

Like a nose piercing, the belly button body piercing is also one of the most commonly done body piercings by newbies. If you’re not the type to have numerous piercings on your face, then a piercing in your belly button can be an excellent start for you. Navel piercings are more prevalent among women who enjoy the beach or live in tropical countries, as they get to show their navel more often. 

However, a word of caution for you to be wary about is that the navel is one of the areas in your body that is most prone to infections due to piercings. Therefore, make sure you’re doing your navel piercing in a clean and safe salon or spa. Do listen carefully, too, about the aftercare procedure, and be very sure that you can follow the same. In case of any infection, do consult your doctor immediately.

2. The Helix 

The Helix, previously known as the Cartilage, is another popular piercing. This piercing is done on the Cartilage of your ears. Although it may sound simple and dull, it’s one of the first stepping-stones to body piercings for a newbie. When you do a Helix piercing, you can put in a stud earring, or a hoop, depending on your mood and style for the day. This type of piercing is also great for women who love to put their hair up. 

To give it more drama, you can go for a Double Helix, which is basically two piercings in your Cartilage, rather than just one. With a Helix, you can start your bohemian hippie vibe, if this is what you’re after. 

3. The Conch and Rook

The Conch and the Rook have only recently made it to the top most popular body piercings list. As more individuals have started to go for it, many others are also slowly getting interested in having one. For starters, the Conch is a piercing that is made in the inner curve of the ear. This is usually paired with the Rook, which is the piercing placed on the antihelix of the inner ear. 

Because these piercings are located in areas of the ear with soft tissues, you should expect, though, that these would take more time and difficulty to heal. Hence, if you have these, you must be very careful with your wound, such that it doesn’t lead to an infection. 

4. The Nose and Septum

The Nose piercing is one commonly done body piercing which has also been around for many years now. Both men and women alike who are adventurous enough, go for a nose piercing. Often, this type of piercing is associated with the pop, rock and gothic culture. For a personal addition, you can use either your birthstone as your stud or a small hoop. 

Along with the nose, in the same area, too, is the Septum. This is located around the very center of your nose, which is also the central point of your face. If you’re sure that you’re confident enough to rock this look, then go ahead and be gutsy with it! 

If you’ve already had a Helix piercing, having a nose piercing shouldn’t be daunting for you, as they both fall on the same tissue line. Therefore, you would already know what to expect about the healing process. 

5. The Bite and Labret

The Bite and Labret piercings aren’t for everyone. It takes so much confidence and willpower to rock this look. However, if you’re up to this personality style, then it’s one of the top five body piercings for you to try out! The Bite is labeled as such because it is located on either your upper or your lower lip. The Bite is usually a pair of two piercings, one on each side of your lip, left and right. 

To go along with the Bite is the Labret. This body piercing is also gaining more popularity. The Labret is a piercing around your lower lip, and wherein a small hoop encircles the lower lip. Because these piercings are also in delicate areas, you have to be careful with the aftercare. Plus, these are also one of the most uncomfortable piercings, but after you get used to the change, you will begin to enjoy the new facial look and statement piece that it brings for you. 


For body piercing enthusiasts, they think of their skin as a blank canvas, to put in these piercings as a form of identity and self-expression. Whatever your choice and decision it’s mainly dependent on your personality, and how far you’re willing to go with your piercings. Remember that beyond style, confidence is most important. Hence, you must know how to carry yourself confidently with the body piercings that you plan on having. 

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