5 Key Ways To Look Best During Interviews

When you have this dream career, or if you’ve seen this job you’ve wanted to apply for, the interview is perhaps the most dreadful part of the application process. Being nervous is within reason though, as not everyone gets this far in the process. In fact, although corporate job openings do attract more or less 250 resumes, only four to six of these actually only ever get to be interviewed. This means if you do get to this phase, you’ve got to be the best – and a big part of this is what you’re wearing. Luckily, we have 5 key ways to look best during interviewers prepared just for you.

Remember, this is an interview for a job, which means this is likely the one chance you have to impress Look Best During Interviews 1your future co-workers about what you can bring to the table and what you can offer the company. This means your interview will also be your opportunity to “sell” yourself as though you’re a product, which means presentation is important.

1.) Research helps, and your homework can set the “mood” you should follow.

If you don’t know anything about the company, it might be time to research more about it to get an overall “vibe.” Learning more about the company not only help you with your answers, but you can get an overall “feeling” you can match your clothes with. Check if there are videos or photos of the employees and observe how they act or what they wear. These are your potential coworkers, so try to check how they act and model yourself accordingly.

2.) Simplicity counts.

Sometimes, you are best noticed when you’re wearing simple clothing. Don’t distract the interviewer by wearing too much for your attire. lay low on the clothing, hair, makeup, and jewelry. Avoid showing too much skin as well. Make sure your clothes bring out confidence from you, and don’t let the clothes carry you around. The simpler the clothes choice on the business casual or business category, the more sleek you appear to others.

3.) Pay attention to details, especially on your end.

Try as much as possible to look presentable to your interviewer. Don’t wear something that is ill-fitting, ripped, stained, or wrinkled. Make sure your hair is well-combed, and that your teeth are properly brushed. If you can, always bring a grooming kit with your for last-minute changes you have to do with your appearance. It’s always better to be prepared.

4.) Be unique and play to your interests.

Remember, this job interview will allow your potential employer to get to know you, which means it’s best to be yourself and present yourself in the best way you know possible: by being truthful to yourself. Aside from the above, if you feel as though the environment is playful enough for a bit of quirkiness, try to add a quirky accessory to your body. Maybe you can wear a quirky necktie or bowtie, or maybe colorful socks, a geeky hat, or even a geeky purse. This can let employers know you’re not afraid to be yourself even in the presence of others.

5.) Have a rehearsal.

It can greatly help if you try checking yourself wearing the clothes you’ve chosen for the interview. This also allows to ensure there aren’t any pieces of clothing or accessory that needs any kind of last-minute repair that may jeopardize your chances of the interview.


Conclusion: Appearances Matter

With the tips above, you’re likely going to have a good idea as to how you’ll dress for your interview, and how you can bring your fashion to life with your movement. Remember, however, that perhaps the most important component of acing the interview is making sure not only do you know the job you’re applying to, but you know yourself as well. Being confident with what you’re wearing is different from being confident in who you are. If you’re the latter, then everything else will likely bring themselves forward and help you shine as a candidate.





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