6 Tips To Look Good In Business Headshots

If you want to make a good impression to your clients, you’ve got to have good branding – this means an excellent voice, an efficient brand message, and marvelous business headshots to match. You heard me right – these photos your company uses for websites and brochures actually play a great deal in establishing a relationship with your clients. Having a good headshot can solidify your trustworthiness and can establish your brand as something credible.


Think Slicing: First Impressions Matter

BUSINESS SHOTPeople have a tendency to decide all sorts of things about you just seconds after meeting you or seeing your face for the first time. Psychologists call this think slicing, and people can think all sorts of things about you such as your socioeconomic status, intelligence, or even sexual preferences. This means there’s really no second chances for first impressions, and you’ve got to make your headshot count. This can be a bit pressuring, but this goes to show just how integral your participation in business headshots can be. Here are a few tips on how to look good in business headshots.

1.) If unsure, go professional: If you need to spend a bit of cash to get yourself new sets of clothes and to hire a professional photographer, do so in order to make the most out of the experience. Professional services, especially for headshots, might cost quite a bit – ranging from $400 to $1,200, with a couple more needed if you want them duplicated professionally. Remember, if the headshots seem particularly cheap, they most probably are. Before you read the rest of this guide, make sure you think about the decision to go all out in getting the best headshot for you and your business.

2.) Get yourself on the right mindset: When you get yourself ready for the headshot, remember that this is still your photograph, and as such it has to be genuine. Get yourself on the right mindset that whatever you’re taking here represents you as a person and an employee of your company. This means you shouldn’t look too different, or try to be younger or older than you seem. This is all about representing yourself – you on your best day, and who you are today.

3.) Eyes matter the most:
Aside from getting yourself on the right mindset, perhaps the one thing you should be most concerned about are your eyes. Just like with acting on-screen, the eyes matter the most in portraits because they give a sense of “personality” and identity to the photograph. Your eyes should be alive, energized, and focused. If possible, try to think of your motivations and aspirations for work as you take the photograph, as it may add depth to your eyes when people look at them. Your eyes should be piercing to the readers – a skilled photographer can help you pull this off. Look directly into the camera, and nothing on your person should take away attention from them.

4.) Pay close attention to background, framing, lighting: These are things your photographer are mostly in charge with, but try to get a basic understanding of how various elements of the shot will play out in your favor by conversing with your photographer about their plans. Knowing their methods and mechanisms beforehand may help you seem more confident that you know what you’re doing, as you’re aware of how elements around you can affect the output of the photo.

5.) Lighting helps bring out depth: Lighting is an integral part of the photography process, given that it makes sure your photograph has depth. In terms of headshots, however, lighting can be tricky as natural light tends to give a “realistic” look while studio lighting gives off a “polished” drop. Choosing what you need for your headshot is a matter of preference and the headshot’s purpose.

6.) Clothes and props at the minimum: Professionalism, not eccentrism, gets you noticed. Keep your headshot classy and simple, and reserve the wacky shots for other photographs in your business page. Remember, the point here is to give an ambiance that you’re a professional and more than willing to help your clients. If you want to show that your company has personality through comedic shots, do so, but don’t make that your primary headshot.


The Bottomline: Angling, Lighting Counts

When you get yourself a business headshot, always remember that your appearance here will likely be the one your prospects, leads, and customers will see. This means your face may literally bring in clients, as your face will be part of what people will use to determine whether or not your company is trustworthy or not. Just as we get a first impression out of a person the first time we see them, clients will get a first impression of your company depending on your appearance.






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