7 Fashion Tips In Picking Jewelry For An Outfit

A famous quote from Diane Von Furstenberg says, “Jewelry is like the perfect spice—it always compliments what’s already in there.” This is very true because jewelry was created to be more than adornment in the body but also to spice up any piece of clothing.  

Wearing a piece of jewelry enhances your clothes. Even if you’re wearing nondesigner garments, wearing a piece of jewelry will make your clothes stand out. Jewelry can also accentuate your best features. 

Picking a piece of jewelry really depends on what clothes you’re wearing. These tips will help you on how you can choose your jewelry that will match your outfit.

1. Choose jewelry based on the color of your clothes

There are two types of colors based on the tone—warm and cool colors. Warm colors are those that are bold and very vivid in the eyes. Red, yellow, orange, and those that are near that spectrum are warm colors. On the other hand, cool colors are those that are calming to the eyes. Cool colors are blue, green, and purple. 

Gold and rose gold pieces of jewelry compliment warm colored clothes. On the other hand, silver pieces of jewelry work well with cool-toned clothing.

2. Choose jewelry based on the occasion

You also have to take into consideration the occasion when you’re choosing your jewelry. Here are some tips: 

  • Skip bangles and cuffs if you are attending a formal event or a job interview.  
  • You might also skip loud jewelry and stick to stud earrings when you’re going to church or going for an interview. 
  • Don’t go overboard on pieces of jewelry during formal occasions. The objective is to look classy and not to look cheap.  

Jewelry mismatch for an occasion is possible, so you have to avoid making that mistake. Muru Jewellery has styles that you can wear on both casual and formal occasions.

3. Choose jewelry depending on your neckline

This applies to necklaces. Because there are a lot of necklace designs and styles, the best way of choosing what necklace to wear should depend on the neckline of your top: 

  • The general trend is that drop and layered necklaces look good on low necklines.  
  • Chokers work well with tube tops. 
  • For high and closed necklines, a statement necklace that is short and has bold pendant and style can accentuate your neck.

4. Choose bold pieces for plain outfits

You can spice up any white or black tee with either bold earrings or an edgy necklace. Choosing a piece of necklace with bold design can make your plain outfit lively.  

If you are lazy dressing up, invest on a bold piece—either oversized earrings or a chunky necklace. You can then use it in any plain-colored outfit, and it will make you look fashionable in an instant.

5. Choose jewelry that will compliment your skin tone

You should also consider your skin tone when choosing jewelry. Nowadays, women embrace their skin tone by choosing pieces of jewelry that will make their skin tones stand out.  

People with cool skin tones should opt for pieces of jewelry with silver metal and has accents of blue, purple, and red. 

On the other hand, warm-skinned women should choose yellow metal such as gold and with yellow or orange embellishments.

6. Pair simple jewelry with clothing with bold prints

Going overboard in jewelry will not make you more fashionable than others. The best type of jewelry if you’re wearing clothes with loud and bold prints are simple ones—a simple necklace or a pair of stud earrings. 

You do not want to be a classic example of a fashion victim. Don’t pair statement jewelry with clothing with too much print. 

7. You can’t go wrong with diamonds

If there is one jewelry staple that every woman should have, then that should be diamonds. Dubbed as a girl’s best friend, you can’t go wrong when you pair diamond jewelry with any outfit.  

You might be thinking that diamonds are pretty expensive. However, there are other gems such as cubic zirconia that can be a cheaper replacement for diamonds. Some would think that buying a piece of diamond jewelry is a good investment. Either way, having one will work on any style and occasion. 


Always keep in mind that your jewelry should always compliment your body and your outfit. You don’t need a lot of pieces of jewelry; you only need to identify what type of jewelry that will match your fashion style and your skin tone. Make sure to invest in the classic pieces because these will never go out of style. 

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