8 Fashion Tips To Become The Best Dressed Guest At A Wedding

When you’re invited to a wedding, it’s going to be the perfect opportunity for you to dazzle with your formal wear. Regardless if whether or not you have a big role to play or not, it’s important to dress to impress for such an important event. This guide will help you become the best dressed guest at a wedding, and who knows, you might even find the love of your life there.

According to the XO Group, as many as 13,000 grooms and brides have married in the United States in 2017, with weddings costing an average of a whopping $33,391 each. In fact, the higher-end of the scale had couples actually spending as much as $105,103 for their perfect day on average! Regardless of the spending, a lot of couples have started to deviate from formal weddings and have instead looked for nontraditional wedding venues such as parks, wineries, museums, historic homes, farms, and barns for their celebration and have had a keen eye on following religious and cultural traditions.

If this indicates anything for a guest like you, this means wedding fashion has just become tad a bit WEDDINGexperimental. This also means it’s time to ditch too much formality and add a bit of a flair to the entire wedding experience. This can actually be used to your advantage, as you may finally have the ace in the hole to make you quite the attractive and best dressed guest at your wedding. Here are some of the ways:

  • The bride owns the show: When it comes to wedding fashion, always remember that the bride is the main star of the show. This also means that while a wedding is a tempting place for you to get yourself a fancy dress, try not to get overboard with your fashion. Maxi gowns and prom dresses with elaborate decorations are to be avoided in order to not get attention away from the bride.
  • White is a huge no: A lot of wedding dresses are white, which means it’s best for you to choose dresses that aren’t pure white in order to not grab away attention from the bride. Chances are the wedding you’ll attend will have specific color preferences for your dress, so it’s best to stick with those sets of colors instead.
  • Black is another huge no: Just like how white is reserved for the bride, black is a huge no in terms of weddings. Remember, black is usually reserved for funerals and business meetings, and a wedding is neither of the two. Use the wedding as an opportunity to celebrate, which means brighter colors are advised.
  • Colors are best worn in the summer: If the wedding you’re attending is on a summer, this is perhaps the best time to wear pretty pastel and bright colors. Do check with the wedding venue however if this is what bridesmaids are supposed to be wearing, just to keep yourself safe.

  • Accessories can help you shine: If the previous tips are any indication, your dress should as much as possible be plain and simple. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t have other means of showing off your style. A lot of best-dressed guests often rely on accessories to do the talking for them. They’re subtle, and tend to grab attention only when necessary. Try to wear different shoes, bags, and jewelry to personalize your look in the wedding.

  • Skimpy clothes are a no-no: Treat weddings as an extremely formal event, and as such risque or daring outfits should be avoided. Cutaway dresses, plunging necklines, and see-through fabrics should be worn with caution, especially since weddings are also very important family events.

  • Casual dressing should be avoided: Like how skimpy clothes are a big no-no, don’t dress to casually for the wedding either. Remember that this is the special day for the groom and the bride, and as such guests are expected to at least make an effort to be presentable. Weddings are one of the best venues to show off a new dress or a new outfit. If you’re not that into dresses, a well-cut blazer and cigarette pants can make a trendy and comfortable look.


Conclusion: Be Yourself, Let The Clothes Do The Talking

Sometimes, there tends to be a lot of guests at a wedding that you wouldn’t get a lot of opportunities to interact with others. This is the best time for the maxim “let the clothes do the talking” work for you. It’s important to not just make sure your clothes reflect who you are as a person, but make sure you let your clothes do the talking for you. It doesn’t mean grab the most attention, but rather, once the eyes are on you for even a second, that you make an impression.






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