9 Fashion Mistakes Teens Make

You’ve been a teenager, so you’re most likely going to relate to this next sentence. How often have you ever had a moment in your teenage life when you just wanted to… rebel? What’s a fashion sense when you have your own? You choose your own clothes, and you’re going to wear them however you liked. Jump a few years later, when you look at your childhood photographs, you may cringe at your “fashion sense.” However, if you know a teen, or if you have a teenager you want to teach, you might be able to help them avoid that cringe moment by helping them avoid some fashion mistakes teens make.

In fact, in terms of numbers, the fashion industry isn’t exactly going anywhere anytime soon. Did you teens fashionknow that the fashion industry is currently valued at a whopping $3-trillion, which is almost 2-percent of the entire Gross Domestic Product of the world? That’s right, and womenswear, menswear, and luxury goods are at the top of the food chain at $621-billion, $402-billion, and $339.4-billion, respectively. This means the room for available fashion and styles for your teens to adopt wouldn’t be running out anytime soon, and the time for experimentation is upon us.

Here are some fashion mistakes teens make that you should teach them to avoid:

1.) We thought colored plastic beads went with everything: At some point in anyone’s teenage years, you may have remembered those plastic beads we used to layer and line up and wear all around our body. These tend to come in sets, complete with hundreds of different colors, threads, and hooks, that we can spend hours upon hours piling up to make us things such as bracelets, anklets, and even necklaces. We think they fit with everything, but in reality they really don’t.2.

2.) Backcombing too much it’s a birds nest: Backcombing has been a trend in the 90s that somehow continued to be a “tradition” among teens today. The result are teenagers with quite the giant hair that almost seemed as though it’s a birds nest.

3.) Loving all that sparkles:
People in their teenage years, especially women, love fake diamond jewelry, sequinned jackets, sparkly clothes, and glitter make-up. There’s something about glitters and being sparkly that made us seem special then, especially since our idea of  “glamor” at the time relied on the idea of whoever has the most number of sparkly things is surely the most fab.

4.) Getting all the slogan t-shirts: Lyrics and quotes in t-shirts are still a thing today, but teenagers wore them like crazy – and not everyone knew what half of those statements meant. Statement shirts today are trendy especially when ironically or unironically paired with clothing. Teenagers wearing the same thing might seem a bit excessive, especially if the language involved is mature.

5.) Twinning with your buddy: It’s very likely you and your clique either had matching outfits or matching color palettes. It’s a thing in the past to make sure you and your partner or your group of friends made sure you wear exact style or color of clothing, or else, why did we even bother? A lot of teenagers at the time hadn’t discovered their sense of style yet.

6.) Trying to look grown up: …and failing miserably. As teenagers, it’s most likely that we didn’t have separate sets of clothes for separate occasions. We didn’t have special selections of clothes for sports, social events, or birthday parties. We always had that “favorite outfit, and we always tried to look like grown-ups while doing it.

7.) Too many patterns and colors: When we see a style, we wear that style… even if it’s all the styles. We used to believe that if we’re confident enough, we can pull off anything we want – even if it’s all the things we like. Today, we’ve been taught to go easy on the style, and stick to one we think that fits us best. Back then, well, it’s free for all – and it didn’t look good.

8.) Layering is a thing: No, not the hair – though that counts. It’s highly likely that a teenager, we believe in the maxim that, well, the more layers the better. Even for clothing. Two pairs of socks, skirts over jeans, and scarf belts were a thing for teenagers.

9.) Accessories galore is the game: As a teenager, we’ve likely been living under the maxim that if there’s an accessory we want to wear, we wear it.


The Takeaway: Practice Makes Perfect

Teenagers are at the height of their growth spurts, which means this is the perfect time for them to try out new styles in terms of their interests and, of course, to try and find their sense of fashion. This isn’t always going to perfect, especially since a lot of teenagers have a tendency to “rebel” and experiment with existing trends. However, educating them about the do’s and don’ts in the fashion realm can at least help prepare them for what’s to come – especially when they grow old enough to earn their own money and try to develop their own sense of style that they can be proud of for years.






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