Getting Your Artwork Published in a Gallery

Receiving the right form of recognition has always been a central aspect of creating something on your own. Be it art or any other format, we all want things to be displayed and accepted for what it stands to be. Due to that, we all want our artwork to be published in an art gallery and get used to a good feeling. But how do we do so and where to begin? Well, if you’re confused about the same, then you have reached the right place because we are going to talk about the steps to approach an art gallery.

A Sale or Commission

Galleries tend to buy artwork on the basis of either an outright sale or commission. Since most gallery-related agreements work on commission, we decided to explore the concept further and understand all that you have to do. A commission sale means that your work is displayed in the gallery for a specific period. If the artwork remains to be unsold, then neither of the parties will recover costs.

However, if it does manage to make a sale, then the commission will be split between the two based on the agreements of the contract. On average, galleries might end up taking about 30 to 40% of the total sale and provide you with the rest.


Selecting and Sale

Before your artwork ends up on display in one of the galleries, it needs to be selected. While one can never talk about a guaranteed method of selection, you can always try your best by providing a unique piece of art. But once again, that need not form an appeal in the minds of everyone who witnesses the same. So whether or not it will sell is a whole different concept. For the time being, you need to focus on bringing your vision on paper and helping people understand the value behind your work.


Setting an Appointment

The best way to approach a gallery is to set an appointment and be punctual. To impress them, you should carry your best work and a couple of others to showcase the extent of your skills. While this method stands to be a bit old fashioned, it is known to be the ideal way to get things done. Creating an artistic impression and helping them understand the individual you are within are important ways to form a relationship and be a permanent visitor to the gallery.


By reading the steps mentioned above, you can clearly understand that you have to get to work immediately. So what are you waiting for? Create the perfect piece of art, approach a gallery, and keep your fingers crossed before announcing the results.

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