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Bringing It Together: Owning Your Fashion With Confidence

What is truly great about fashion is the fact that it gives you a chance to be who you want to be whenever and wherever you please. With a little tweak in your styling and a revamping involving your current wardrobe, you’ll be able to walk out the door with a better and more confident you. However, not a lot of people have achieved that certain level of confidence yet, because a lot are still quite confused on which style really fits them best. Therefore, they just hide away in the most comfortable pieces of clothing while dying inside to get a chance to wear that stunning pair of stilettos they saw at the store the other day. That is why this time, we’ll be helping you to figure out how you can own your fashion with sheer confidence:

1.) Determine your own style

Determining your own style is the first step in identifying yourself when it comes to dressing up. A lot of people are still finding it hard to find their individual style and one step where you can definitely start is through browsing fashion magazines, scrolling through fashion bloggers’ Instagram accounts, or simply observing how your favorite celebrities carry themselves when they’re not in the middle of taping or working.

Gaining inspiration can steer you in a certain direction where you’ll be able to slowly determine which style feels unnecessary and which style feels more comfortable and more “you” in a way. There is also no shame in copying a person’ style because later on, you’ll slowly evolve it into your own style that is uniquely yours.

2.) Know your body shape

People make a lot of mistakes in buying clothes because they haven’t initially determined what type of body shape they have. We all have our own unique shape that can help us determine which silhouettes and cuts suit us best in order to flaunt our assets and improve parts of us that make us feel less confident. Here are the different types of body shapes:

  • Inverted Triangle – characterized by wide shoulders and narrow hips
  • Rectangle – characterized by proportional shoulder width, waist, and hips
  • Triangle – characterized by narrow shoulder width and wide hip area
  • Hourglass – characterized by a proportional shoulder and hip width but a narrow waistline
  • Round – characterized by a voluptuous waist and hips

Being able to determine your body shape shall give you an idea of what looks best for your figure. This also lets you shop easier the next time you hit the clothing store—so goodbye shopping frustrations!

body shape
3.) Pick your best color

Picking the best color palette for your body can be tricky because there are certain colors that can be quite unflattering to one’s own skin color. However, once you have determined your skin undertone, it’ll become easier for you to choose the color of the clothing that can surely make your skin glow. It’s never about what makes your skin look lighter, but what makes your overall look seem vibrant and pleasing to the eyes. You can start figuring it out by looking at the colors of the veins on your wrist: if they are mostly green, then you have a warm skin undertone. If it is mostly blue or purple, then you have a cool skin undertone. However, if you seem to have an equal amount of both, then it may mean that you have a neutral skin undertone which allows you to fully venture into the warm and cool color palettes without any trouble.

4.) Flaunt your crowning glory

There can be many ways wherein you can figure out your own style and strut it with all the confidence that you have. However, a healthy hair can drastically improve your whole look without having to spend big bucks to look like you’re worth a million dollars. Keep your tresses clean and well-trimmed in order for it to look healthy. But why do you need to consider your hair as a fashion accessory? Well, as you’re walking, healthy hair can bounce along with your every step—making you look more put-together.

These simple ways can ultimately change up the way you look at yourself in the mirror and can definitely add some bounce in your walk once you strut your stuff on the street like it’s your own personal runway. Confidence starts within yourself once you have fully understood what you’re capable of and what you can show off.





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