Chino Shorts: Are They Really Just Khakis?

Because of its similarities, it’s easy for someone to think that they’re wearing chino shorts where in fact they’re wearing khakis or vice versa. Some people even think that chino shorts and khakis all refer to the same thing. However, all of these are pure misconceptions. Sure, chino and khakis probably look similar, but each of these pieces has characteristics which will set them apart from the other. Once you know what these characteristics are, it’ll be easier for you to sort out which are chino shorts from khakis, or which are khakis from chino shorts. Let this article help you achieve that goal.  


How Are Chino Shorts Different From Khakis?

Contrary to popular belief, there are many ways chino shorts are different from khakis. For one, chino CHINOshorts have a more formal style compared to khakis. This is because chino shorts have a more recent military uniform heritage. Additionally, you can tell the difference in both these apparels by paying attention to the stitching. Khakis have more visible stitching while those in chino shorts are hidden. The stitch work on the latter is more evident if the apparel is turned inside out. As a result, chino shorts create a cleaner and more finished look. If you’re planning to add chino shorts or khakis in your wardrobe, looking into the stitches before purchasing anything can save you time.

Aside from the stitches, chino shorts and khakis also differ in fabric weight. Usually, khakis are made from heavyweight 100% cotton twill while chino shorts are made of a lightweight 100% cotton or cotton blend fabric. A simple weigh in using your hands while shopping can go a long way. Not only will this help you determine what kind of apparel you’re buying but it can also help you with your buying decision – you don’t want to end up buying chino shorts when the occasion requires for khakis, right?

Lastly, be keen on the cut. Chino shorts have slimmer and closer cut compared to khakis, making the former a better choice for a formal outfit. On the other hand, khakis have fuller cuts which can become excellent options if you want to wear something which can offer comfort and versatility.


So What Should You Choose?

There’s no definite answer to this question. Actually, it depends. It depends on your preference, on where you’re using it, and other factors. Aside from using the style difference as one of your guides, there are still other traits which makes chino shorts and khakis different. And some of these are listed below:

1.) Khakis come in limited color variation: Everyone loves to have variation in everything they wear – and you could be one who shares the same sentiment. When specific fashion pieces come in different colors, it’s easier for you to pair them with other pieces. You’ll also have the chance to wear these pieces as often as possible, without anyone noticing it. If you want all of your pieces to vary in color, pick chino shorts over khakis. Khakis usually come in shades of tan or cream. Chino shorts, on the other hand, can come in loud colors, pastels and even with patches as designs.  

2.) Khakis have obvious pockets, chino shorts are hidden: If you want to end up with a “dressier” look, chino shorts are your best friends. How the pockets in chino shorts are hidden effortlessly create a cleaner look.

3.) Both styles can be styled with basic pieces: Jeans have been a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe. You can wear jeans anywhere without compromising your comfort. Additionally, jeans can easily be paired with anything in your wardrobe – shirts, blouses, jackets, sneaker and boots – yep, you can wear all of that with your favorite jeans. But with chino shorts and khakis, this might soon change. These two are better options than jeans during formal occasions. And just like jeans, chino shorts and khakis are also very comfortable to wear.  


Knowledge Is Power

Knowing what makes chino shorts and khakis different from each other is essential information. For one, you’ll know better what to wear during appropriate occasions. You don’t also need to spend hours at the mall when you’re planning to buy any of these pieces. Distinguishing the two might be challenging at first, but with attention to details, everything will come off easier. Carefully learn the differences and use this article during the process!






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