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Colors And You: How To Mix And Match The Right Way

Along with the specific design of the garment perfectly tailored to the wearer themselves, the accompaniment of colors can ultimately change up everything from its mood to its functionality, to the reaction it ignites in people, and to its symbolism which can ultimately start a revolution that can shake up the history. A single pigment of color is more than the variation of light rays that you see before your eyes because with how it can affect your brain activity. So before you get out of your house, here are some of the most helpful tips and tricks on how you can ultimately mix and match colors that can suit you well.

1.) Determine your skin undertone

In actuality, there are 3 different skin undertones which don’t only help us determine which color palette suits us best, but it also helps us in determining which best cosmetic product looks best for our skin such as with foundation, blush color, eyeshadow, and even hair color. These are the 3 types of skin undertones to help you get started:

  • Warm – yellowish, golden, or peach undertone

  • Cool – bluish or pinkish undertone

  • Neutral – has no distinct undertone

One way of easily determining your skin undertone is by looking at the veins of your wrist. If you see mostly green, then you have a warm undertone. If you see mostly blue, then you have a cool undertone. If for some reason it is quite difficult for you to determine which color dominates the most, then you most likely have a neutral undertone which makes you perfect to wear any color of clothing without any problem.skintone

2.) Try on different palettes

After determining your skin undertone, it should now be easier for you match colors to your body. If you have a warm undertone, a warmer palette will suit you best as it compliments your skin tone and makes it look glowing. Those with cool undertones will also finally be able to find colors which can make them look less pale and more vibrant especially during the winter seasons. Luckily for those with neutral skin tones, they can play around with almost any color as they can definitely camouflage with any color palette without worrying about anything. The only thing to think about now is how far you can go with trying on new things.

3.) Take a risk

Taking a risk is the second-most important factor in fashion next to choosing comfort as it allows the individual to express themselves fully through playing with the colors of their clothing.

  • Color blocking – it is the process of pairing up two unlikely colors such as those situated at the opposite end of the color wheel in order to feature a non-conventional and yet interesting look that can end up looking pleasing to the eyes of the spectator. One example is through wearing a yellow top with a purple pencil skirt which can definitely look electric and vibrant for the wearer.

  • Color matching – this is perhaps the easiest one as it just means matching two colors that can easily be paired up with each other such complementary colors or neutral tones matched with each other. Perhaps one of the easiest ways of implementing this is through wearing dark skinny jeans with a light colored top which is a foolproof way of staying in style without committing a fashion crime.

4.) Experiment with the metallic colors

Of course, metallic colors also pass as colors worthy of mixing and matching, but the biggest takeaway is that it makes you look more glamorous with its eye-catching characteristics. Using the skin undertone information mentioned above, people with warm skin undertone look best when they wear gold accessories to any of their outfits, whereas people with cool skin undertone will look best with silver accessories to dazzle spectators. For those with neutral skin undertone, both gold and silver will look best on you so dazzle away with your chosen metallic accessory.

The ultimate secret in fashion when it comes to matching colors that suit you best will always depend on how you carry yourself with your chosen hue. If you think you look best in a neon pink skirt as it gives you a boost of confidence, then definitely sashay away with your head held high because you deserve to wear the color that brings out the best in you and makes you feel the most confident.








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