Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Wearing Jewelry

Jewelry pieces are valuable, especially if they remind you of a special event or person in your life. When you’re looking for personalized jewelry to celebrate a milestone or give as a unique gift, discover here the many beautiful options you have for personalized jewelry. You have to know, of course, how to take good care of the jewelry you buy and receive. What are the usual mistakes you should avoid when you’re wearing your jewelry?  

Wearing your jewelry when you go swimming 

When you go to the beach or a swimming pool, you’d naturally want to accentuate your swimsuits with a pair of earrings or you’d want to continue wearing your jewelry. Swimming is one activity, however, where you should avoid wearing your jewelry. When your diamonds and other gems are dipped or submerged in chlorine, they will discolor your jewelry. Salt water can also damage your jewelry, such as:  

  • Erode the fastened or soldered parts  
  • Weaken the gold and loosen the grip to a diamond or gem 
  • Damage diamonds or gems  
  • Affect the facets of your stones, making them dull looking   

Sometimes, the dullness caused by overexposure to salt water is irreparable. It is, therefore, best to save your jewelry for wearing after you take your dip in the pool or at the beach. 

Forgetting to remove your jewelry when you’re doing house chores 

When you’re washing dishes or doing laundry, the soap you use can build up on your jewelry. Even if many household cleaning products used for dishwashing and laundry are mild, buildup on your rings can cause dullness in your jewelry and will need extra time to scrub off. Over time, the metals on your rings will get stripped, and they will lose their original color.  

Avoid strong cleaning agents such as bleach and acetone. These chemicals weaken or crack prongs, and the stones may fall off and get lost. When you’re working in the garden and lifting heavy things around the house, don’t wear your jewelry. Soil and other dirt can get lodged in the crevices of your rings and will need extra cleaning afterward. You may also damage or lose a gem if it gets hit by a stone or bumps into a piece of furniture. When you’re doing chores inside and around the house, keep your jewelry in a jewelry box.  

Applying hair and skincare products as well as makeup after putting your jewelry on 

A common mistake that many women make is to put on their jewelry and then apply their products on their faces and hair. Chemicals that may be safe and mild for your bodies may actually damage your jewelry. For example:  

  • Hair spray and other hair products may dull your pearls or corrode your gold.  
  • Toners and sunscreens that contain alcohol can affect the luster of your pearls or the quality of your silver and gold.  
  • Oils in lotions and moisturizers can discolor your metals and ruin your favorite jewelry. 

As a rule, fix your hair or apply your skincare products, such as toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen, about 15 to 20 minutes before you do your earrings and necklaces. Apply lotion on your arms and hands before you put on your bracelets and rings as well to prevent buildup.  

Keeping your jewelry on when you exercise 

There’s always the perfect occasion to wear and display your beautiful jewelry. Working out in the gym is not the ideal event! Your jewelry pieces are fragile and can be subjected to wear and tear when you’re doing strenuous physical workouts. Your jewelry may get chipped or scratched.  

When you exercise or play sports, your body sweats and releases acid. If you’re acidic, your metals will corrode and be tarnished. It’s best not to expose your jewelry to acid and sweat.  

The stones and metals of your jewelry are not the only things damaged when you exercise. The clasps and mountings of your pieces may be destroyed while you do sports.  If you’re exercising or playing a sport (such as volleyball, tennis, or hiking), leave your jewelry at home. 

Removing your jewelry in public 

This is the most common reason people give when they lose their jewelry. It most often happens to wedding bands and engagement rings. Men tend to take off their wedding bands when playing basketball or other sport and then drop them somewhere and lose them. Women sometimes take off their rings when they wash their hands in restrooms. When you remove any piece of jewelry in public, you run the risk of forgetting to put them back on when you’re done with your activity or you might drop a ring in the drain or toilet! It’s advisable to wear your jewelry at all times when you’re out in public.  

Cleaning your jewelry with products that are not meant for that purpose

You’ll find articles saying that you can clean your jewelry with toothpaste or baking soda. These can be abrasive and scratch your jewelry. The best thing to do is really to follow your jeweler’s specific instructions when you buy your pieces. Here are some tips: 

  • If you do want to clean your jewelry yourself, you may use only water and a very soft toothbrush. Use very gentle strokes to brush off each piece. Let your jewelry air dry afterward. 
  • Water, though, does not need to be used for everything. Try to clean your jewelry, especially your pearls, with a soft cloth first to take away sweat and oils. Wiping your jewelry may actually be better, instead of soaking it in water.  
  • Once or twice a year, pay your jeweler a visit and have your jewelry cleaned professionally. Jewelry stores that have good customer service offer cleaning for free or just a small fee. 


Caring for and preserving the quality of your jewelry can be overwhelming. The effort pays off though. Your jewelry will last for a long time and will continue to look exquisite over the years. 

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