Cotton: There’s More To It Than Just Being The ‘Majority’ Clothing Material

Regardless of who your fashion icon is, there will always be cotton in your wardrobe. Your casual shirts, pants and other formal outfits might be made of cotton. Your dresses and even your accessories might even be made from the same material! Cotton is probably your preferred clothing material whenever you shop or dress – and you don’t have to worry because other people also share the same sentiment. Just like you, many people are choosing pieces made from cotton for a number of reasons. Aside from providing comfort when worn during any occasion, cotton can give you so much more. To drive the point home, consider the points below:

1.) Cotton is not humid: The last thing you want to think about when you’re out and about is your sweat. Too much of it can make you feel uncomfortable and can ruin your confidence especially if you’re in front of different people. In situations like these, use a shirt made from cotton. These can absorb sweat from the body, helping it evaporate in the air. This can minimize the growth of bacteria and yeast in your skin.

2.) Cotton doesn’t stink: When you’re physically active, body odor might become a problem. When you wear clothes from other materials, you can end up with stink – something which you don’t want to happen especially when you’re out with your friends. With cotton, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. Cotton actually releases substances which cause the sink the moment you place this in the washing machine.

towel-1511875_6403.) Cotton is soft: This is one of the most obvious reasons why cotton is the most preferred materials among many people. Cotton is a very elastic and soft fabric, making it very comfortable to wear during different times of the day. If you want to have fun during the day and night, look for outfits which are made of cotton, and you’ll surely achieve that goal! And because of this softness, cotton is also helpful when you want to avoid any skin irritation.

4.) Cotton is non-allergic: Unfortunately, some people suffer from Textile Contact Dermatitis or clothing dermatitis. These are skin allergies often triggered by the material or dye the sufferers wear. If you choose a shirt which is made from wool, for example, your skin can react causing itch and redness. If you have this type of condition, add more pieces made of cotton in your wardrobe. These are non-allergic which means that this will not trigger any of your allergies. You’ll be able to look good without thinking about your skin – thanks to cotton!

5.) Cotton is strong: Your clothes are your investment. You’re not getting any of it for free. If you want to get your money’s worth, always consider buying pieces made from cotton. This cloth is composed of many cotton fibers which are strong and durable. Although lightweight, cotton is a very high-quality material. You can use cotton even after a few years.

6.) Cotton can be appropriate for any season: When the season changes, you’ll have to dress differently. You can’t possibly wear a thick jacket outdoors during a summer afternoon – you’ll only sweat yourself. This is something a cotton piece can help you with. Because of this material, cotton can keep your skin cool during dry seasons and warm during rainy seasons. You don’t have to spend too much for an outfit just because the season changed.

7.) Cotton can be worn anytime, anywhere: Even if you like to dress casually or formal, cotton has got you covered! This material is so versatile that you can wear cotton anytime, anywhere. If you’re looking for an outfit for work, leisure or evening dinner with the bosses, cotton should be on top of your list. It’ll be easy for you to look for an outfit for all of these occasions!

8.) Cotton is low maintenance: Unlike other fabrics available in the market, cotton is easier to wash and doesn’t require rigorous cleaning. Just pop this in your washing machine, let the machine do the job, and you’re good to go! You’ll be able to save money from your electricity bills and dry cleaning every time you wash cotton.

9.) Cotton will not cause pilling: When you wear a clothing for too long, pilling can happen. You know, those bobble or fuzzballs which forms on a piece of cloth. If you don’t want to experience any of these and would prefer your clothes to be smooth all the time, check the labels of the clothes you’re buying – make sure it’s made of cloth.


More Cotton, More Benefits

Having cotton as your first choice when it comes to anything you wear is a good decision after all. With the number of benefits it can give you, it’s a material worth investing. Aside from making you look good while wearing it, cotton can also provide you comfort, convenience and more styling options – things which are difficult to look for in clothing pieces made from other materials. Add more cotton in your wardrobe so you can enjoy more benefits in the long run!







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