Creative Tips on Taking Fashion Photos in a Photoshoot

Regardless if you’re a beginner or an enthusiastic about fashion photography, you probably know all too well that the process requires plenty of hard labor.  It doesn’t matter if you’re someone who boasts to own the camcorder or something more outlandish and expensive — you will need a lot of dedication and practice to the art to create those beautiful images. Even the pros, sometimes, do get stuck or bored with shooting photos or videos using old photoshoot ideas or should we say —“techniques.”

It’s tedious for fashion photographers to constantly come up with new creative ideas or concepts for taking better photos.  The competition in the cutthroat world of fashion photography is fierce and there is a huge pressure on fashion photographers and art directors to reinvent their photo taking techniques and present something that will blow everyone away, not to mention get their work published or critiqued by top fashion magazines and critics.  Even the most outstanding photographers begin to feel burned out creatively over time.

So, what exactly can you do to capture images (or videos) that will woo your existing and future clients and customers? Luckily for you, below we have compiled a list of inspirational ideas to reinvigorate your existing skills and shoot unique photos.  Let’s get started:


8 Creative Tips To Taking Amazing Fashion Photoshoot

1.) A Photo Within A Photo

This photoshoot idea has become popular thanks to Martin Scorsese’s movie, “The Inception”. The concept here is to combine a photograph within a photograph. You can do this by taking a photo, printing it and then using the same photo to take another shot. Add context and enough narrative in the process. You get the idea.

2.) Create Illusions Using Mirrors

This technique is seen being used by photographers taking self-portraits. Mirrors are the centerpiece of the whole process. Photographers use mirrors for manipulating light as well for reflections.

3.) Harness Your Creativity On How You Exhibit Your Products


During a fashion photoshoot, it’s not always necessary for the model to be wearing clothes. You have full authority to display any product in any way that pleases your inner sense and creativity. You can ask your models to pose standing beside the clothes instead of wearing them! You can also use the same process with other products as well.  It will make your photos a tad more interesting. But please do get permission off your model. Don’t force them into doing something they don’t want to do.

4.) Warp Reality With Mirrors Again!

Once again we’re using mirrors in this photoshoot idea.  To ensure your creativity blossoms and frees itself from traditional thought processes, sometimes changing your perspective is all you need. Mirrors are the ideal ingredient for that to happen. Why not use a magnifying glass, a lot of textured glass layers, or colored filters when capturing your next picture? You can also consider changing the angle you typically take your photos. Add depth and dimension to the photos. Be bold, implement anything that will change the way people normally see the model.

5.) The Sequence Technique

Just like a play, movie or any other forms of art, photography is all about telling a story. Since we’re talking about fashion photography, tell a story about your model. You can do it by shooting a series of photos. Closely study your model in great detail or you can take a step back and visualize the bigger picture. Watch out for variations in texture, color, and patterns as these will make your photos more intriguing. The Sequence technique is a remarkable way for capturing creative portraits, particularly for fashion magazines.

6.) Paint And Paint

There are tons of ways to use art in your photography. Painting your photos is one of them. Yes, you heard that right! You can liven up boring photos by painting your print, but that will damage the pictures you ask. Well, you don’t have to literally paint the pictures. Just place a transparent sheet over your photos, and paint over it.

7.) The Beauty of Sleep

Most people will agree with me here — Sleep is by far the most beautiful thing in this world and when it comes to a fashion shoot it feels dreamy and romantic. Ask your model to dress up in a nightie or pajamas and tell her to lie on the bed and pose to her heart’s content. We can assure you that your model is looking forward to another photoshoot with you again.

8.) Motion Blur

When it comes to fashion editorials photos, always be experimental. Don’t shy away from it. Using motion blurring techniques in your photoshoot is actually a stunning way to shoot captivating portraits or stills. Position yourself at a high vantage point overlooking a crowded city street or busy intersection on an overcast day, and capture your standing still model amongst the crowd. Style your model with vibrant and vivid colors such as yellow, orange or hot pink. We can guarantee you will be surprised how poetic the photos look.



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