How To Look Good With A Dress Code At School

School can be such a droll for a lot of people, especially fashionistas and those with a sense of style because, well, school doesn’t have “style.” A uniform is barely fashionable, and it poses quite a lot of limitations in terms of how a person can express themselves in a stylistic manner. This is especially frustrating if the school itself has bans on other types of accessories. However, what if we told you there are ways you can still transform your school look into something hip and classy? Here’s how to look good with a dress code at school.

1.) Understand the dress code: Before you go off becoming your school’s resident fashionista, you have to remember the school rules so you don’t become the fashionista that has detention. Understanding your dress code allows you to understand the limits of how you can customize your clothing and accessories.

    • Keep in mind the kind of alterations and modifications you can do to your uniform. Are there accessories that are and aren’t allowed? Can you wear makeup? How about the hairstyle options?
    • Check out the various kinds of uniform options that you have for your school. A lot of school uniforms tend to have multiple options, including pants, skirts, and dresses that are often paired with short- or long-sleeved dress shirts, sweaters, vests, and even blazers.
    • When choosing your uniform, and other pieces of clothing in general, try to make sure they’re on the right size. If altering your clothes to make them bigger or smaller isn’t possible, try to tie the bottom of your shirt to a knot, or wear a belt around your waist, or tuck in your shirt.

2.) Wear something over or under your shirt: If your school allows you to wear something over or under your uniform – be it a button-down shirt, a blouse, or a polo shirt, then you have a ton of opportunities to stylize your look.

    • You can easily add a fitted jacket or blazer, a vest or a cardigan, or an oversized knit sweater to add some style into your look. This is especially if you feel your uniform is in need of color.
    • You can likewise layer some clothes under your uniform, such as a camisole, a tank top, or a shirt (vibrant or neutral) that can surely be stylish option for you as well.
    • If your school is a bit lenient when it comes to uniforms, you can even replace boring and drab pieces of your uniform with something of a familiar shade. For instance, if you need to wear dress pants or slacks with your uniform, you may get away by wearing regular pants of the same color but with a different fit or cut.

SCHOOL WEAR3.) Accessorize your way to style: If your clothing policies are strict, or if you’re in need of additional style, then you can start using better style options through accessories. The fun part with this process is that you get a ton of opportunities to mix and match accessories according to your needs.

    • Don’t over-accessorize! If you get too much attention to yourself, you’re likely going to catch the attention of school personnel. One too many anklets, bracelets, necklaces, headbands, and even scarves might spell detention if they feel it’s too much or distracting.
    • Try a belt or a sash to add a bit of sass high-waisted bottoms. Even a unique belt buckle over a plain belt can add a unique pizzaz to your look.
    • Try to have a collection of scarves you can use for different parts of the day, and try studying different kinds of knots, too, in order to spice up your day.
    • If you can’t do it with yourself, no one’s said you can’t make your things add flair for you. Try to expand your creativity into your school bag by giving it unique badges, pins, and patches.


The Takeaway: Beyond the Clothes

A lot may consider having a dress code at school a bit “dull,” especially since fashionistas may already feel limited with the need to wear a uniform in class. Interestingly, if there’s anything this article might share, it’s that there’s still away on how to look good regardless of how strict a dress code can get. Just follow the tips above and you’d surely look a dazzler even with a dress code. Give it time and a bit of experimentation, and you’ll surely stun entire crowds in your class with the new getups you could start with this strategy.






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