How To Make It As A Fashion Blogger

If you want to blog about fashion, you’re likely to consider yourself a certified fashionista. However, if you’ve read a couple of blogs like MOT International, you might realize that it takes more than just good taste to be a fashion blogger, and there’s a lot to do before you can make it big in this lucrative industry. However, we’ve got your back as we’ve got the best tips on how to make it as a fashion blogger. We’ll take you through the rough basics in this quick guide to fashion blogging.

If recent studies are to be referenced, your influence as a fashion blogger to your followers is actually huge – especially when you’re also invested in helping a product line make profit. In fact, it appears bloggers actually have become one of the most trusted sources of information of consumers when it comes to products and services because they offer a perspective that they are “similar” to their audiences, unlike how some websites appear “separate” from them. In fact, if you want to tap into certain brands, now is the change because a lot of brands are actually allocating as much as 30 to 75-percent of their budget for marketing into influencers.

Unfortunately, not a lot of brands have access to influencers, with 73-percent of them stating that finding the right influencers are difficult for them. Which means if you want to work with a particular brand, you also have to approach them yourself. Got excited to create your blog? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here’s how to make it big as a fashion blogger:

1.) Get your niche straight: Fashion is a huge field, and there are a ton of things for you to cover even just by looking at a person or a model or a stylist you want to feature. Remember, you have to find something in the industry that not only can make you unique, but can also make you shine as well. If you think someone’s already doing what you want to do, go back to the drawing board and think of something else. Try to open your closet and look at what you think you can feature in your blog – and develop your “voice” from there.

2.) Your name counts a lot! Coming up with your blog name is one of the most challenging aspects of starting a blog, as this gives you the identity you’ll be using for as long as you’re writing. Pick something that will define the voice and the style you’re hoping for. Try to add your name to it, so it will always have a unique and catchy spin that will have your blog be associated with you all the time.

3.) Get your website up immediately: By the time you decide on your final name, purchase the FASHION BLOGGERdomain immediately and get a designer to design the main appearance of your blog. The sooner you settle with your domain, the better you can sleep at night knowing you can devote your time and resources to your website. If you’re not a website, it’s better to hire someone for help and explain to them the vision you want for your blog. Website designs differ based on taste, but make sure you make your site simple to navigate, have lots of white space, and make sure the graphics easily help your reader navigate through any part of your page. We’ll be doing a full feature on designing your site soon, so stay tuned.

4.) Start investing in high-quality photography: Instead of subscribing to a stock image service, try hiring a professional photographer (or take photos yourself) when doing your pieces. This gives your blog a unique sense of “self” and “style” as you’re not relying on basic stock images for quality photos. This allows you to explore your photography skills and have yet another way to accentuate your blog’s voice as well.

5.) Constantly plan and set goals for your blog: When you have a blog, try to plan your content properly and efficiently. We’ll be featuring a tutorial on content planning soon, but remember that you should start developing a publishing schedule, a format, and the kind of content you want to publish so your readers can find a way to stay in touch with you and the kind of content you publish.

6.) Network away: Once you start your website and blog, try as much as possible to connect with various people. Connect with affiliates and brands in order to monetize your blog, and try to subscribe to affiliate companies so they can help connect you with brands that might be interested in your blog. Connect with other bloggers as well so you can do collaborations and help boost your credibility.

7.) Get your social media game going: Aside from your website, once you settle with a name, organize various aspects of your social media. Get yourself connected to things such as Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook in order to have easy access to your readers and fanbase. Be sure to have a steady stream of content ready for upload that is related to your blog, in order to establish connectivity.


The Bottomline: Starting At The Bottom

Being a fashion blogger takes more than just knowing the ins-and-outs of the fashion industry. If you want to make it big in the fashion industry, you’ve got to step up and explore the grand world of fashion with a renewed lens. The guide above will likely be able to point you to the right direction as to where you’ll start your journey – and if your creative flair is any indication, you’re likely going to be able to make your fashion blog quite the unique experience.






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