How To Save Money When Buying Shoes

As a sweetheart, you only want the most beautiful shoes to fit your delicate feet, like a princess. However, not all shoes are priced the same. Wearing a beautiful and comfortable pair of shoes should be one of your fashion staples. But usually, it comes at a high price.  

Below are some helpful tips to save money when you’re buying a new pair of shoes. 

Use Promo Codes 

Promo codes or voucher coupons can help you save money by gaining discounts on an item or the shipping cost when you’re buying online. There are many shoe manufacturers offering great discounts in the form of promo codes to help consumers save money when buying new shoes. 

Here are the advantages of using promo codes when buying a new pair of shoes: 

  • Get instant discounts without requesting one or waiting for the season to end to avail of great off-season promos. 
  • Save the discounted amount to buy a new pair of fashion jewelry, hair accessory, or clothes. 
  • Buy quality shoes at a price you can afford without the feeling of overspending or splurging.  

Go for Quality than Quantity  

Dazzling or glamorous shoes usually cost a hefty amount of money. Once you found the perfect pair, you may have the shopaholic nature to buy all available colors. Of course, more than the aesthetic appeal, it’s important to consider the quality or craftsmanship of the shoes. One of the parameters when checking high-quality shoes is stitching.  

Buying high-quality shoes will save you money in the long run. For instance, instead of buying a new pair of working shoes several times in a year, you’ll only have to buy once or every other year. Buying premium-quality shoes will save you time, money, and effort. Of course, you also save yourself from getting foot problems, such as hammertoes, bunions, and calluses. 

Here are the good-to-know facts about checking the stitching of a shoe to assess quality: 

  • The turn and stitch seam should be found near the shoe collar, where it meets the inner lining of the shoes.  
  • If you’re buying shoes that will be worn extremely, like during training or exercise, choose quality shoes with double-stitching, which makes the shoes waterproof and robust. 
  • If you’re an adult, the number of stitches per inch should be 8-10.  

Sign Up and Become a Member 

If you’re eyeing for a particular brand of shoes, you can sign up to the website of the company and become a member. There are usually new customers or new member promos available, as well as freebies or giveaways, so you may want to take advantage of these.  

Here are the other techniques to get a new pair of shoes without paying the full price: 

  • Follow famous shoe brands on social media, like Facebook and Instagram, so you’ll have an idea of their current promotions and best times for branch sale or clearance sale. 
  • Answer surveys or questionnaires or join fun games online that shoe brands initiate to get cool prizes or discounts on your favorite shoe styles.  

Wait Patiently for the Right Timing  

Don’t be in a rush to shop for a new pair of shoes unless you need to wear it on a special occasion that’s coming too soon. Waiting for end-of-the-month discounts or clearance sales in malls or online marketplaces can save you money.  

If you want to get the best deal, shop sneakers or athletic shoes during peak season. Shoe retailers usually take advantage of the new year because it’s the peak time when people have resolutions to get fit and buy athletic clothes and shoes.   

Because every new year sets the mood of people to change for the better, such as having a healthier lifestyle, retailers take advantage of this season. It is considered the peak time to run sales on athletic apparel, including sports clothes and shoes.

Here are the biggest sale days in the United States:  

  • Black Friday: November (Day after the 4th Thursday) 
  • New Year’s Day: January 1 
  • Memorial Day: May (Last Monday) 
  • Labor Day: September (First Monday) 
  • President’s Day: February (Third Monday)  
  • Independence Day: July 4 


There are many ways to save money when buying a new pair of shoes, such as taking advantage of promo codes and holiday discounts. Also, prioritizing quality over quantity will spare you from buying new shoes a couple of times a year. You can even get a new pair of heels without paying the full price by following your favorite shoe brand on social media or on their website. Shop now and save more. 

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