Know Your Dress Codes: The Definitive Guide

Being invited to an event with the basic requirement of showing up in a smart casual attire typical intimidates anyone who is not that confident with their own fashion styling skills. After all, the term ‘casual’ is quite subjective and it might range from wearing loafers to just settling for flip flops for the most comfort, and maybe it even means just wearing a hoodie rather than preferring to wear a suit. So where does the line where a casual attire can actually look smart and appropriate for most functions?


Where most people get it wrong

When it comes to dressing up for casual wear, most people will be tempted to settle for the outfit they usually wear on a daily basis such as a plain shirt over a pair of acid-washed jeans and maybe a pair of 5-year-old sneakers with a trusty RayBan hanging loosely from the neckline of someone’s shirt. However, gearing up for a casual wear does not necessarily have to be stressful, it just requires a few simple steps that anyone can follow and we guarantee that you can put your own spin to it without having to sacrifice your own unique style.

  • Know the function

    Whether it is just a quick meeting with a client or a formal outdoor event that just requires everyone to be dressed in smart casual—knowing the nature of the function is important as it allows you to be able to plan out what the styling essentials are that can help you create a cohesive outfit that goes along with the function of the event. Finding out the location of the event is also very important as it helps you categorize the items in your wardrobe, separate the ones which should be included in your choices, and ones that you shouldn’t even consider. If it’s a beach party, this means wearing loafers and boat shoes would be two of your options, including a well-fitted polo shirt made from a light material. For women, wearing a sundress becomes an easy option for outdoor functions. If not, a well-structured dress is also an option.


outdoor outfit


  • Pick your go-to casual outfit + add a smart-looking article of clothing 

    Let’s say you got invited to a soiree full of bloggers, influencers, and media people for an event coverage for the opening of a new bistro in town,  wearing an outfit that consists of a simple shirt with a v-neck neckline, solid-colored jeans, and closed footwear is a good starting point. Following the formula above, picking a smart-looking article of clothing is the next step. This means you can throw in a well-structured and well-fitted blazer which can transform almost any casual outfit into a smart casual style that is appropriate for any semi-formal event. For women, a simple t-shirt can be easily paired with a pencil skirt for that well-put-together look. A clean and no-fuss polo shirt paired with a denim skirt can also pass up as a smart casual outfit, just match it with a heeled footwear and you’re good to go.

Understandably, picking out your first smart casual outfit can be intimidating. However, there are many images online that you can easily browse through for inspirations. What’s great about this is that it usually consists of articles of clothing that you can easily find in your wardrobe. With enough practice, you’ll be able to ace this essential styling skill that can help you out with any future events.




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