Leather Material : An Inside Look On What Makes Leather So Special

Leather material is probably one of the easiest pieces of clothing you can wear no matter what your style is. If you like to keep things casual, you can wear a denim skirt paired with your favorite shirt. If you’re more comfortable in more formal pieces, a pair of leather pants, jacket or dress can be your go-to pieces. These might seem like simple pieces but can effortlessly create a statement whenever worn. You might be using leather for years but do you actually know what makes this material so special? Do you know why leather stands out from other clothing materials? Read this article to know more.


Leather Has Many Benefits

The moment you buy anything made from leather, you’re buying more than the item itself; you’re actually paying for the number of benefits it can give you. Because yes, there are some things only leather can give you and here are some of these:

1.) Leather is a high-quality material: Among the reasons why you’re buying leather, its quality is probably on top of your list. Unlike other clothing materials, leather requires a great deal of craftsmanship and should pass the industry’s highest standards before being sold in the market. As a result, leather is one of the most durable and well-made material. You can use leather in your clothes, bags and even shoes!

2.) Leather is made to last: You want everything that you’ve purchased to last for the longest time footwear-1838767_640 (1)possible – you would always want to get your money’s worth, right? If you buy leather clothing, you don’t have to worry about this because this material is made to last. Leather can withstand wear and tear, and any scratches can easily be wiped away. So whenever you’re planning to buy a statement piece like a luxury wallet, for example, pick those which are made in leather. Your investment will be worth it once you do.

3.) Leather is one of a kind: How leather looks like is something which is difficult to duplicate with other materials. A leather jacket will always look different compared to a cotton jacket no matter the alterations and designs. If you want to stand out with whatever you’re wearing, don’t forget to add leather pieces in your outfit.

4.) Leather is a timeless fashion piece: Trends come in go; what everyone is wearing today might be obsolete after a week. And if you’re someone who always wants to be on top of the game, following different trends can become stressful and expensive. The solution? Use more leather. This is a timeless fashion piece which was worn decades ago and still receives the same appreciation up until this day. Leather embodies style and sophistication no matter what era it’s worn.

5.) Leather is very easy to clean: When you have a bag made from simple fabric, cleaning up can become a challenge. You need to wash the entire bag even if the stain is small. And in worse cases, stains can’t be removed at all. You’ll end up throwing away your bag. Leather doesn’t give you problems like these. This material is very easy to clean – you just need a damp cloth, a few spritz of water and you’re good to go. You’ll be able to clean stains effortlessly!


Leather Has Different Types

Some people will never associate leather with softness. Leather creates a strong and bold personality whenever worn. However, this notion will soon change. Leather comes in different types so whatever look you’re trying to portray, leather has got you covered. Consider the list below to acquaint yourself with the different types of leather:

1.) Full-grain leather: This type of leather has not undergone any buffing and sanding to remove any imperfections. Full-grain leather is the most durable leather and is commonly used for shoes and other accessories such as bags, belts, and wallet. But just like any other type of leather, this type is still very breathable.

2.) Corrected-grain leather: If leather doesn’t fit the standards set to be turned into a full-grain leather, it’s produced as corrected-grain leather instead. Before it can be considered as corrected-grain leather, the material has to be stamped with artificial grain and dyed in different colors to hide away any mistakes (which could probably be the reason why it didn’t pass to become a full-grain leather). Corrected-grain leather can be brought at a lower price compared to other types of leather.

3.) Split leather: Split leather is the leftovers during the production of full or top-grain leather. These layers are split into two, the middle split and flesh split. If any of these splits are still thick enough, it will be divided again into more splits. This type of leather is sealed using an artificial coat, mimicking how a top-grain leather looks like. This will also protect the material from everyday wear and tear.

With the number of variety leather has, you can easily find one which will be perfect for your needs. If you’re thinking about making suede from leather, use split leather as this type is fuzzy and soft on both sides. Perfect for achieving a clean look without compromising comfort. If you want to invest in a bag which can showcase your manliness, use full-grain leather. This is durable, and its look is nothing less than manly.


Leather Is Essential

It’s no wonder why more and more people are choosing leather over other materials for their garments. Not only is leather an excellent way to spend your hard-earned money, but leather is also a very versatile material. You can wear leather when you’re at school, hanging out with your friends and meeting with bosses – and these are just some things which make leather so special!.









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