Linen Versus Denim: What Fabric Is For Your Pants?

Commonly, pants are made from denim. These pants have been used by people for decades, and you’ll probably have a hard time looking for someone who doesn’t own a pair of denim pants. But recently, linen pants are slowly creating a name, too. Male, female, teens and adults have gradually added more linen pants in their own wardrobes. And while both of these fabrics can give you the same benefits in terms of comfort, durability and styling options, do you know what the better choice for you is? Let this article help you come up with an answer to that question.


What Is Denim, Anyways?

DENIMDenim is a fabric made from 100% cotton. It’s a cotton thread used to create a particular weave. While denim is commonly known as the fabric used for pants, it can also be used for other pieces of clothing such as overalls, jackets, shoes and even dresses. The most common denim is called the indigo denim where the warp thread is dyed, and the weft thread is retained to have its original white color. Denim pants originally come in different hues of blue, but you can now buy denim pants made from colors of all sorts – pastels, loud colors and black. Once you wear denim pants, expect that you’ll experience these things:

1.) You’ll have endless styling options: Since denim pants have been used by people for decades now, you’ll have plenty of styling options to choose from. From acing street style, summer wear and that girl next door outfit, denim pants has got you covered.

2.) You’ll have variety: Sure, denim pants are denim pants, but one thing that’s good about these pants is that it actually comes in a different variety. You can pick a tight or loose denim pants, clean or tattered, and low or high waist pieces.

3.) You’ll look good every time: Every occasion will be appropriate with a pair of denim pants. As long as you’re choosing the right outfit, you’ll always look good with denim pants!


And Linen?

LINENLinen fabric is one of the oldest fabric used around the world. Unlike denim, linen fabric actually comes from flax fibers and requires rigorous extraction process before it can be used in clothing. This process starts by pulling or cutting the flax plants from the ground. Next, the seeds and plants stocks are removed from the fibers. Each of these removals has different processes. After collecting the fibers, they are spun into yarn and can be used as fabric. Aside from clothing, linen fabric can also be used for bedding especially during the summer. Add linen pants in your wardrobe, and you’ll surely have fun doing these things:

1.) You’ll achieve boho chic effortlessly (finally!): If you’ve had a hard time to have a boho chic look, linen pants can be the solution. Since these pair of pants already make a statement, all you have to do is look for a shirt and footwear, and you’re good to go.

2.) You’ll move freely: Unlike denim pants, linen pants will not restrict your movement. It’s made from a soft and loose material, making it easier for you to move around. Linen pants can be your essential fashion piece when you’re travelling or getting groceries.

3.) You can go formal, too: Many people think that linen pants are only good for summer days, never for formalwear. This is notion is false. In fact, you can wear your linen pants to work or during a business meeting – and you’ll only need a pair of white linen pants, white loose top, nude blazer and white stilettos.


Denim Vs. Linen Fabric: The Verdict

Denim and linen fabric are different from each other. The former creates a more structured aesthetics while the latter has a more laid back and relaxed feel once worn. But even if these two fabrics are different, there are also things which are common to them. Both of these fabrics can easily be worn for different occasions. You can wear a denim or linen pants at work, during a night out with friends, an outdoor BBQ brunch and even when you’re attending weddings and other formal gatherings. It’s just a matter of creating the perfect balance between the pieces you’re wearing and the occasion you’re going to. You need to make sure that these two complement each other. You don’t want to look overdressed or underdressed, right?


First Things First

When worn, both denim and linen pants are beautiful. Denim pants might always be a classic choice but trying something new like linen pants is a good way of expressing yourself. After all, you’ll never know what looks good on you if you don’t try. And regardless if you’re leaning towards buying a denim or linen pants, always make sure that your uniqueness is highlighted every time. This is a simple way of standing out from the crowd. Always make sure that anything you’re wearing will also provide you with comfort. Don’t sacrifice this over your desire to look good.






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