Men’s Fashion: Bow Ties For Business, Yay Or Nay?

Bow ties are certainly quite the charming asset to your attire, as they add that exciting “oomph” factor that can make you both adorable and exquisite, depending on how you choose to dress with it. Interestingly, bow ties for business can be quite the intriguing idea for a lot of people – after all, some might feel as though ties are becoming a bit cliche. However, in terms of men’s fashion, are bow ties for business really yay or nay? And what do you need to know about bow ties?


What’s In A Bow Tie? A Quick Facts Sheet

BOW TIES 2When people look at bow ties, some might see them as similar to novelty ties or gimmicky ties, but it’s really either of those.  It’s important to remember that bow ties actually have a deeper history than just being something worn by “dorks” or “nutty professors.” In fact, bow ties were originally a kind of neckwear Croatian mercenaries use to fasten the collars of their shirts. French fashionistas amped up the fashion game by making these bows tie into a short scarf (hence the name). So what else is there to know about bow ties?

  • You need to learn how to tie it. While it’s true that there are clip-on bow ties, the more genuine and stylish bow ties tend to be the ones you have to tie yourself. Some say knowing how to tie a bow tie immediately puts you on a different level – one you may share with high-level professionals. If you need that kind of confidence boost, a bow tie is the accessory for you.
  • When you wear a bow tie, you need to remember the rule of balance. The milder the shirt, the bolder the tie – and vice versa. This is perfect for business suits that tend to be solid colors.
  • There are a lot of fabrics for ties, but reserve silk and wool for extremely formal events. Seersucker, linen, and cotton ties work best on business casual events. Likewise, the butterfly bow is best used for traditional events, while club round bows are best used for casual events.


Why Wear A Bow Tie?

Wearing a bow tie can not only make you look more appealing, but it can elevate the atmosphere of the venue you are in. This makes it perfect for businesses, especially if you hold a position of authority or one where you have to converse with others. After all, appearing friendlier can greatly help clients empathize with you much better. Here are other reasons why a bow tie is for your business personality:

  • Wearing a bow tie makes you different, as it adds a different spin to wearing just a simple necktie. This gives you an air of eccentricity and confidence that can instantly make you an appealing person to do deals with.
  • If you’re keen on engaging clients in conversation but don’t exactly know how, a bow tie can help break the ice. Going eccentric can break what appears to be a harsh exterior, making you a bit more approachable than before.
  • You can experiment with style when it comes to bow ties, especially when patterns are involved. Neckties with patterns are more pronounced and obvious, and as such can be quite challenging to pull off – after all, if guests don’t like the pattern, they may not like you. A bow tie, which in itself is already quirky, can give you a boost in your sense of style when added with a funky punch.
  • You have an out when you’re awkward, especially when it comes to adjusting your bow tie. This is especially if you suddenly find yourself cracking a joke, finishing off an awkward sentence, or if you want to compliment a client. This can replace other nervous ticks that are more pronounced and obvious, thus helping you manage your anxiety a bit more.


Where To Wear A Bow Tie In Business?

However, when it comes to wearing bow ties for business, it’s important to remember that the word “business” itself comes with a lot of connotations to mind. There’s no one “exclusive business event where you can wear a bow tie. In fact, bow ties are best used for businesses when you have something to do in:

  • A bow tie works if you’re meeting in performances, ballets, and recitals that often don’t have dress codes. If you find yourself having a business meeting in a venue with a classical performance, a suit with a bow tie may work for you.
  • Given the association of bow ties with scholars and connoisseurs, it’s just apt you wear a bow tie to a wine tasting, especially if this is a venue of a transaction or with a meeting with a client. Knowing your wine in these situations may even appeal your customers.
  • If you want a classic spin to eating in a classic eatery or diner, a bow tie might impress the eccentric client.
  • A brunch can be a good venue for a bow tie, especially if you’re in a nice venue. This elevates the status of not just yourself but of everyone i there as well.


Conclusion: Bow Ties Are Cool When You Know How To Use Them

Perhaps the most important takeaway from the above is that bow ties are in fact excellent additions to your business attire, provided you know how to use them and what outfits to use them with. Understanding these basic principles cna then help you proceed with mixing and matching respective outfit ideas with your bow ties. It’s also important to consider that it’s likely you won’t get the “perfect fit” on your first try, but further experimenting with bow tie and business attire options can at least help you achieve that “perfect look” in no time.





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