Nato Watch Straps: How To Choose A Style That Will Suit Any Occasion

Matching and mixing different straps can be difficult if you are uncertain of the different types and various straps usage in different circumstances. When it comes to choosing a strap band for your watch, there are some aesthetic, practical, and stylistic concerns that you might want to consider. Although picking a bracelet depends on your preference and taste, it is also essential to complement your watch to your outfit and formality of the occasion. Thus, requiring you to check the basic styles you should know. 

NATO designs are specialized straps made from military practicality and have been improved, modernized, and perfected throughout the years. The watch straps are convenient to use, stay firm around the wrist, and are effortlessly adjustable. They also keep traditional details while using new materials.   

Get Nato watch straps and learn here how to choose a style that will suit any occasion.  

1. Match Leather and Metal Strap Bands with Fancy Social Gatherings

Even though elegant social events are your preference and don’t need to be practical when choosing a strap, you should still decide something that suits your personality and the event’s formality. Here are some of the favorite straps for this type of event: 

  • Leather

Leather straps have been the ‘go-to’ because of its versatility and convenience to wear. Some of the leather straps have heavy pads for firmness, comfort, and style. It is more casual than metal straps, but they are both versatile; hence traditional nylon bracelets have been substituted with a more luxurious and softer leather strap that is the best for formal events and classic looks.  

You can also choose minimalist or vintage watches that can be paired up with a supple, dark brown leather made of exotic skins such as snake, lizard, alligator, and crocodile. Aside from that, you can choose between classic slim straps or rugged broad options. 

When wearing a watch paired with a leather strap, the material and color of your shoes and belt should match to the strap. It doesn’t have to be the precise color as long as they have a similar tone. However, keep in mind that leather is less resistant to water, so they can’t be an alternative to sailing or diving watches.  

  • Metal

Metal bracelets are bands that give you a sturdy, durable option, perfect for men to flatter the masculine effect. They are used mostly for occasions like parties, dinners, and weddings. Another option is metal mesh straps that are a thin or thick pattern of the metal. They are elegantly formed to your wrist and have an alterable buckle. They are also an excellent choice for women, you can choose between a finer or thicker mesh depending on your decision.  

Metal straps match with most outfits and look great contrasting with brown and black shoes, but few colors of metal match with a particular color of shoes or clothes. Remember to match gray, black, and blue shades with silver bands while gold should be paired with tans, beiges, browns, and other earthy hues.

2. Use Rubber and Nylon Straps for Physical Work and Exercise

If you like traveling, spending several days camping or swimming in pools, oceans, or lakes, hiking, or attending fitness sessions, you need a durable, comfortable, and waterproof strap.  

  • Rubber

Rubber straps are fitting for physical activities, specifically water sports. It is because they stay in place and are resistant to saltwater and freshwater than other bracelets. Aside from that, they are lightweight, durable, resilient, and have excellent weathering properties that affect their lifespan. 

When choosing a rubber bracelet, aside from considering the weather and water-resistant properties, you should also think about the materials used to build the strap because some are more susceptible to  dust.  

  • Nylon

Nylon offers functionality, practicality, and a long lifespan that is also ideal for physical activities. The materials dry faster while being comfortable, thus it can be used while you are swimming, or indulging in any water sports or activities. This is famous for gym enthusiasts because they are breathable so they can wear it while exercising, unlike rubber straps that can get irritating when you are sweating. 

This is also the simplest way to change straps and manage the toughest endeavor, even if one spring break. Although this bracelet is long-lasting, they are not the most waterproof. 

3. Use Mesh to Compliment your Everyday Outfit

The watch strap you use doesn’t matter if you’re comfortable wearing it throughout the day, or you are only staying at home. Another best strap to use for an everyday basis is a mesh that fits well around the wrist. Although they are used for social gatherings, this type of metal straps are usually used daily because of its adjustable buckle that makes your everyday watch easier to wear during the day. 

4. Consider the Color of the Strap

Looking at your wardrobe and matching the color of your clothes to the color of your watch strap is also a way to style yourself for an occasion. If you have brown leather shoes or belts in your closet, use a leather strap. The same goes for black belts and shoes. Another thing to think about is the color of your dial. Black dial works with a brown strap, but it is better to have some contrast.  

  • Monochrome Wardrobes:

    You can still use gray and black straps or add a tinge of color in the strap 

  • Cool Tone Wardrobes:

    For this type of clothes, opt for a light to medium brown strap, or match with blue or navy colors. Gray is also the right color, green and purple are matching, while orange, red, and yellow compliments with cool tones. 

  • Warm Tone Wardrobes: 

    Black and medium to dark brown are the colors that are safe bets, while yellow and orange are matching, and green, purple, and blue compliments. 

  • Earth Tone Wardrobes:

    Olive, brown, and other earthy hues all work the best. You can also add black or a more saturated, lighter color for some contrast so that the whole palette doesn’t appear washed out. When all colors fail, choose a medium brown.  


These are some of the ways to choose a strap style that will be suitable for different occasions. Deciding on the strap you will wear can transform the look of your watch and your whole appearance. Hence you need to choose the best to complement your watch with your outfit.  

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