Pet Photography 101: 5 Tips To Work With Your Pets In Photos

If you’ve ever seen yourself as a budding photographer, your pets are actually some of the best subjects you could find. They have a very unique view of the world (quite literally) that allows you more freedom to experiment with angles and other parts of pet photography you’ve been meaning to train. If you want to take awesome shots of your pets for your portfolio, or if you just want something to dazzle people in social media, here are 5 tips to work with your pets in photos.

In fact, if you do want to have a career in photography, working as a photographer isn’t that bad a job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, photographers in general do earn as much as $35,980 every year, or at least $17.30 per hour, as per 2010 data. This is actually a lot consider these are general numbers, and there will be variations depending on the kind of photography you want. If you want to set up your own pet photography business, you may actually get the potential to earn more, and invite other photographers to work with you. If you want to train your pet photography skills, here’s the tips you may want to follow:

1.) Choose a motif or a theme, if you have one. One of the most important parts of taking PET SHOTphotographs with your pets is if you have a theme or motif in mind, as this sets in motion the rest of what you have to do to set up a good environment for your shot. Themes and motifs can range from events such as birthdays, weddings, and superheroes – to colors such as whites, reds, and pinks. Having a theme in mind will at least allow you to assess whether certain parts of your environment have to be there, or if certain objects have to be included in your overall location.

2.) Try to check if you have a particular shot in mind. Take sample photographs from your camera with a stuffed toy or some object you want to use to “represent” your pet. This allows you to “practice” on the angling you want to achieve based on the motif and the location you’ve chosen. This also allows you to create a “shot list” of sorts that you can check if you want to look back to various shot variations you can do for your pet when the “show” starts happening.

3.) Experiment with shots and angles. When you have your particular shot list on hand, try to see if there are particular variations you can do that can allow your session to be “unique.” Sometimes creativity is dampened because you might think of how others might look at your photos. Feel free to experiment and add variety to your shots to make them look extra sophisticated. Experiment first with a few objects, and then keep in mind what you’ve done so you can replicate this with your pet.

4.) Make sure everything else enhances the pet, especially in terms of the environment. Make sure the kind of location you choose to take photos of your pet is something that represents the theme but doesn’t overtake the subject’s attention from your pet. This means if some objects in the environment can steal attention from your dog, you might want to remove those objects. Make sure that when you put your camera on your eyes, your pet will easily be the center of attention.

5.) Make sure your pet is comfortable. Your pet knows if you’re being uncomfortable with them. As much as possible, treat the photoshoot as something fun and enjoyable. Be sure your pet is well fed and isn’t being forced in a particular position. This is what makes the location so valuable – try to make sure the location is something your pet is comfortable being in. Try to have treats and a favorite chew toy available for your pet to enjoy should they feel a bit pressured or stressed out.

6.) Be as candid as possible. Sometimes, the best shots from pets appear when they’re candidly doing their “thing.” Try to leave your pet alone in the location and see what they’re going to do. When they seem to be too focused on their own shenanigans, that’s when you should start taking photographs, as these tend to have the most hilarious and adorable results.


Conclusion: It’s About Tender, Love, And Care

Pets are extremely similar to humans, and as such keeping them attentive to your camera isn’t exactly easy. However, when you start getting in a “jive” with them, you’ll slowly learn that there are a lot of unique and creative ways to get their attention that are actually extremely photogenic. Perhaps a huge part in successful pet photography is learning how to experiment, and knowing just how you should approach your subjects given how you know them. Your pets are your best friends, and as such for sure your photography sessions with them will be extremely fruitful and fun.





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