PGC 2023 Grand Finals: Apply Now for PUBG Esports 2024!

PGC 2023 Grand Finals: Apply Now for PUBG Esports 2024!

Stay put, because we have exciting news to share! As they get ready for the PGC 2023 Grand Finals, the sixteen best PUBG Esports teams are moving into an exciting new phase. Things will get really hot when the Global Partner Team Application comes out in 2024!

PGC 2023 Grand Finals: Finally, let’s go back to the year 2023.

I want you to remember how great the 2023 season was. Our eight amazing Global Partner Teams showed off their crazy skills at a number of PUBG Esports tournaments and made a big impact on the PUBG Esports scene. Because they worked hard, these partners got first-round PUBG Global Series seeds and gear with their team’s name on it.

After being around for a year and having some success, PUBG Esports is now raising the stakes. The number of teams in the Global Partner Team program has grown to ten with the addition of two more teams. If you want to know “Why the growth?” Since our goal is to help the PUBG Esports team reach its full potential, the answer is simple.

PGC 2023 Grand Finals: Make the most of our Global Partner Team Applications, and get ready to shine!

Hey there, teams from around the world! Please take a quick listen! Make sure you’re still working well right now. 20% are interested in politics, 60% are interested in fans, and 20% are interested in history.

Do you want to stay together as a group for the near future? We will talk in depth about your safety, your future duties, and the law structure.

The amount of love your people have for you. Get ready, because this year the Fandom area will be 20% more important than last year’s!

Events in history: How did you get into PC Battle Royale? Your participation records, team background, and the health and safety of your coaches and players are all being looked into.

This thorough test makes sure that when we choose teams, we look at both how well people do their job and how well they fit in with the company’s culture.

PGC 2023 Grand Finals: When does the process of making a choice begin?

Please play the drums! Should we start? The Global Partner Team scheme for 2024 is being looked for. Right away!

Sense a flash of electricity? Click here to go there.The form below must be filled out and sent by December 15th at 7:00 a.m. PST, 15:00 a.m. UTC, 16:00 a.m. CET, 22:00 a.m. ICT, or 24:00 a.m. KST if you want to be on the 2024 Global Partner Team. Here is the link to the application. After the first screening, we will do a private review as a PUBG Esports team. In the middle of January 2024, the 2024 Global Partner Teams will be made public. Pray for the time when it will be shown!

We need to keep the e-sports movement going!

We dedicated to keeping PUBG Esports a competitive and exciting place to be, where adrenaline is king. We’re looking forward to many more successful years with our current partners and the addition of new teams.

How long do you have to wait? Fill out an application right now to join the fun and help write the next story in PUBG Esports with SLOT SERVER THAILAND! Get ready for a unique trip!