Wardrobe malfunctions can be quite the inconvenience for you, especially if it happens during something important – like an event, or an interview. However, fear not as you’re not alone in this endeavor. A lot of wardrobe malfunctions happen to a lot of people, and a lot of them have developed quick fixes to these situations. Our team here at MOT International has compiled the best tips and tricks and quick fixes to the most common wardrobe malfunctions.

In fact, we highly suggest sticking to this article and not just throw your clothes away after a wardrobemalfunction. While clothes can last approximately three (3) years before being in a state of disrepair, people still buy almost twice as much clothing now than in the 2000s. Even when majority of textiles and clothes are recyclable, more than 15-million tons of textile waste are actually being generated annually in the United States alone. This means, on average, an American can throw away as much as 80-pounds of used clothing, and it takes $45 per ton to just dispose of clothing per city. Here’s some quick fixes to common wardrobe malfunctions:

1.) Paper clip magic: Ah, the magical paper clip. If a zipper has been pulled or buttons have been removed, a paper clip will do the temporary fix just right. It might not look the best solution ever, but it can at least get the job done until you get a better fix. Try to always have paper clips of the same color as your clothes, just to safe.

2.) Unstick zipper with graphite: If you somehow end up with a stuck zipper somewhere, say a jacket, try to grab a pencil with graphite and rub it on the teeth. If this doesn’t work over time, try lip balm, bar soap, windex, or some form of lubricant. The point is to get the teeth a bit slippery so friction wouldn’t be so much as a problem.

3.) To-go stain removers: Products such as Shout Wipe & Go and Tide To Go can actually be lifesavers, given they’re compact and can be kept in your car, your desk drawer, or your bag. If you’re in a big event and you’ve got a stain to fix, these can do the job done for you.

4.) Remove oil with baby powder: If you have spots in your face you want to remove, such as for makeup stains, wine stains, or oil, you can actually use baby powder. Just sprinkle some on the area and rub it with white cloth, and viola!

5.) Remove deodorant stains with baby wipes: Sometimes, deodorant stains in clothes can be very unsightly, but baby wipes can actually help get the job done in removing them.

6.) Fix hems with double-sided tape, safety pins. Double sided tape can save you from undone hems especially during emergencies. The same goes for safety pins, as they are pretty capable of holding these things together until you find a more permanent fix.

7.) Clear nail polish can secure buttons: If you want your button secured to your outfit, try to use clear nail polish. This keeps the thread from being untied and unraveled.

8.) Rubbing alcohol can remove odor: If you think your shoes are being a bit stinky, get your rubbing alcohol or even alcohol wipes and wipe the insides of your shoes and your feet. New insoles, machine deodorizer, and washers can provide a more permanent fix to shoe odor.

9.) Vaseline and bananas for polish: If you’ve seen people polish their shoes with bananas or vaseline, it’s because the trick actually works. Use the inside of a banana peel as a scrub and wipe it all over your shoe, and finish wiping with a paper towel.

10.) Avoid ride-up skirts with moisturizer: If static makes your skirts ride up with your movement, try to rub moisturizer on your legs so your skirt can stick to your legs and not cause too much of a hassle for you.


The Bottomline: Preparation Pays A Lot

If you have an important event coming up, or whenever you’re going out of the house, always keep these quick fixes to common wardrobe malfunctions in mind. These quick fixes can help you or a person in need especially if a wardrobe malfunction occurs in the middle of an important endeavor without any clothes as backup, so be sure to always come prepared. Stay tuned here at MOT International for more handy fixes and tips.






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