Smooth As Silk, Comfy As Wool: What Makes These Materials So Coveted?

Silk and wool are two materials which are reflections of class and luxury. You would usually see celebrities and business people wearing outfits which are made from these materials. And models from different luxury brands are no exemption. They would either wear major fashion pieces made from silk or wool or use these as fabrics for their accessories. Wherever you look, someone will always be wearing a piece of silk or wool. But have you ever wondered why these materials are so coveted? That among all the other fabrics out there, why do silk and wool stand out? Let this article provide answers to your questions.


What Makes Silk So Special?

You might be seeing and wearing silk for years but never had the time to know why this material is silkconsidered coveted for many. Silk is actually considered as the queen of all fabrics – and for all the right reasons too. Unlike any materials used for clothing, silk is from silkworms. The extraction of raw silks start when silkworms are cultivated on mulberry leaves. When the silkworms start to become a pupa inside their cocoons, they are dissolved in boiling water. This process allows individual long fibers to be extracted and fed into a spinning wheel. You need to have 10 kg of cocoons in order to make 1kg of silk. Not only is the extraction taxing and tedious but it will require skills to do the job. Aside from how it’s produced, silk is also special for these reasons:


  • Silk is the strongest natural fiber known to men. Some even consider silk as strong as steel in tensile strength.

  • Silk has much lower density compared to other materials sold in the market. This is the reason why silk is highly moisture absorbent, absorbing more than third of its own weight in moisture without any dampness.

  • Silk is a very versatile material. You can make anything out of it – from formal wear to sleepwear, from home decors to safety equipment.

  • Silkworms can no longer reproduce on their own. Human intervention is needed for them to multiply.

  • A hectare of mulberry trees can produce around 450 pounds of cocoons, but this is only equivalent to 85 pounds of raw silk.


What Can You Get If You Wear Silk?

If you’re someone who’s keen on how much you spend on clothing, silk is probably not included in your list. You might think that silk is very expensive and is something that will not be worthy of purchasing. After all, you’re just an average person which doesn’t require lavish clothing or what-not. This is a completely false notion about silk. Contrary to popular belief, silk is actually a material which will give you your money’s worth. Here’s why:

1.) Saves you from hot flashes: Hot flashes are one of the symptoms of menopause. Women aged 75 to 85 are prone to experience sudden warmth in the chest, neck and face. Once this happens, it can bring discomfort to women no matter what they’re doing. If you see yourself in this kind of situation, use sleepwear which are made from silk. Light and breathable silk pajamas or silk bedspreads can make you feel better.

2.) Gives you a glowing complexion: Who would have thought that the materials you often sleep with can contribute to how your face looks like! If you have problems with dry and flaky skin, switch your cotton pillowcase with silk. The latter will keep moisture close to the skin and will keep your skin hydrated, so you’ll wake up with a glowing complexion. Additionally, a well-hydrated skin will show few fine lines which can result to a more luminous face.

3.) Relieves skin irritation: Regardless of how you want to dress up, if your skin tells you otherwise, you can’t do anything about it. You wouldn’t want to suffer redness and itchiness throughout the day, right? But thanks to silk, you can dress up anyway you want. This is a material which has antimicrobial properties which means that any skin irritation will not be triggered. Silk can also help in maintaining the moisture of your skin.

4.) Helps with Vaginal Yeast Infections: When you have Vaginal Yeast Infections, you’ll experience excessive itching, a burning sensation whenever urinating and pain during intercourse. Most of the time, the discomfort is too painful to handle. The solution? Wear silk underwear as this can help reduce itching and redness associated with Vaginal Yeast Infection.

5.) Lessens allergies: It’s difficult to try on something to wear if you’re always sneezing because of an allergy. Having allergies because of certain clothes are inconvenient and stressful. Fortunately, none of these will happen if you choose to wear silk. This material is free from any chemicals and can also ward off different allergens which can cause several skin conditions.

6.) Improves hair health: There’s more to the expression “silky smooth hair”. If you want to have silky smooth hair the moment you wake up, always use pillowcases made from silk. Unlike cotton pillowcases, silk is smooth which will only cause your hair to slide and prevent any damages. Silk pillowcases can also help preserve your hairstyle. If you’re having an early appointment the next day and you’ve done your hair in the evening, sleep with a silk scarf around your head. The silk will prevent excessive oil production in your hair, keeping the style in place.


What Makes Wool So Special?

Wool is also a special material in its own right. Similar to where silk is from, wool is also made from an woolanimal – commonly from a sheep but can also be made from cashmere, goats, and rabbits. Wool is also a natural fiber which only undergoes minimal processes to be made into clothes. The process begins by shearing the sheep at the end of the cold weather. When the sheep are sheared is very important because if done too soon, they might freeze. If done too late, they’ll shed their own coat. The wools are then sorted out, classifying which ones are too dirty and usable. Wools which are in good condition will be made into yarn and can be knitted to create clothes. Wools are adaptable to any design, making it the first choice for knitters who prefer making their own clothes. These aren’t just the reasons why wool is special. Read the list below to know more:


  • Wool is flame-resistant. This is material which will not melt and stick to your skin.

  • Wool is biodegradable and reusable.

  • Wool is made from the same protein which makes up the outer layer of your skin.

  • Wool is mold resistant because it has natural moisture repellent properties. In short, wool can help keep the stink away.


What Can You Get If You Wear Wool?

It’s not common for an average person to wear wool all the time unless the weather requires it. Among all the pieces in your wardrobe, wool probably is the less appreciated– it’s either you only have minimal pieces made of wool, or you don’t have any at all. Your fashion choices will soon change once you know what wool clothing can bring you. Let the list below convince you:

1.) Absorbs water: No matter how you try to look good, when your clothes are drenched in your sweat, all of your efforts will be useless. If you don’t want people to see how much you’ve sweat, use wool. This is a breathable material which absorbs water vapor in your body and releases it into the atmosphere. Wool can be your quick fix to recurring sweat problems.

2.) Repeals rain: You can never predict when rain will pour, but wool can help you look good even when it pours. Although not waterproof, wool can help you stay dry longer. It can absorb water without giving you that cold and wet feeling.

3.) Regulates temperature: Have you wondered why sheep are always comfortable regardless of the weather they’re in? The answer is simple – it’s because of their wool. And when you wear wool clothing, you can enjoy the same advantage. Wool can move moisture away from your skin faster or slower, depending on the environment you’re in and your body temperature. Wool can keep you cool during summer and warmer during winter.

4.) Cleans itself: This is probably one of the reasons why you’d be convinced to add more wool clothing in your wardrobe. Unlike other materials which will require thorough cleaning, wool doesn’t need to be washed as often. In fact, natural wools can be hung up to the air and then worn again – a perfect solution for those last minute occasions.

5.) Doesn’t wrinkle: No one would want to wear anything that’s wrinkled. What you wear will say a lot about your personality and of course, you would never want to create the wrong impression. Wear wool if you want to stand out (for the right reasons). This material is made from fibers which will never cease or wrinkle. It will naturally return to its natural shape after being bent.


Check Priorities

Undeniably, silk and wool are some of the best materials you can wear. How these materials are produced, and the number of benefits it can give to the wearer are just some of the reasons why these are very special. If you’re convinced that these materials should be seen more in your wardrobe, go ahead and look for pieces made from silk and wool. Just don’t forget to have fun along the way and always choose comfort above anything else. Anything you wear should make you feel good about yourself, and not the complete opposite!






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