If you have been active in any social media platform, you’d know how sweatshorts and military pants have become the celebrities’ preferred fashion pieces. They wear any of these when they’re hanging with their friends, and every time they’re in public. Although uncommon, you admit that these pieces looked good on them that’s why you’re considering copying their look and wear these pieces too. However, you’re concerned. Since you’re just an average person, you can’t decide where you can possibly wear these pieces. Sweatshorts and military pants looked great on celebrities, but you’re scared that it won’t have the same effect once you’re the one wearing it. Let this article help you with your dilemma.


When Can You Wear Sweatshorts?

SWEAT SHORTSweatshorts are a casual piece of clothing, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be styled at all. On the contrary, you can style sweatshorts in a lot of ways. With the variety of styles you can come up with sweatshorts, you’ll be able to wear these with confidence during any occasions. So you can finally add sweatshorts in your wardrobe, consider these styling tips:

1.) During a night out with friends: Sweatshorts can be an excellent alternative to denim shorts. But unlike denim shorts, sweatshorts will not restrict any movement, making this is a perfect piece whenever you’re watching a concert with your friends. You’ll need to move around when you’re cheering for your favorite artist, right? Grab your favorite sweatshorts, pair this with a polo shirt and sneakers and you’re good to go.

2.) During sporting and other outdoor events: Deciding what to wear during a basketball practice or a BBQ brunch with family can become a struggle. You’ll have to look good without compromising comfort. To save you from spending hours thinking of an outfit, use sweatshorts. You can easily create that laidback, sporty look with sweatshorts, your favorite shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie and a pair of running shoes. This outfit will look good when worn outdoors but never when having lunch with friends or in a bar, so make sure you stray away from these places.

3.) During your travels: Travelling can become stressful when you wear the wrong outfit – choose one which exposes too much skin, and you’ll end up with sunburns all over; choose one which covers you too much, and you’ll sweat excessively. The solution? Use sweatshorts. These are loose apparels which are breathable. Use a polo shirt (preferably with darker colors to avoid stains while travelling), sweatshorts and a pair of sandals. You can also use a cap and your favorite sunglasses to complete the look.


When Can You Wear Military Pants?

CARGOJust like sweatshorts, military pants can also be considered as an essential piece to any wardrobe. This might seem like a new piece of clothing, but with the right amount of styling, military pants can provide versatility in all your looks. So if you’re willing to experiment with your outfit choices, adding military pants to your wardrobe is a good way to start. Consider the points below on how and where you can wear military pants:

1.) During work: Whenever you think of military pants, you might immediately imagine camouflage-printed, form-fitting pants. This is a thing of the past because today, you can purchase military pants in different sizes, colors and even prints. For this fashion piece to be appropriate for work, scout for military pants which are plain-colored and tight. Wear your favorite blouse as your top and your heels, and get ready to look good at work. You can also choose to wear a fitted top which is tucked in paired with a blazer.

2.) During your grocery shopping trip: Going out to get groceries and running other errands is never an exemption to not look good. With military pants, you can do just that effortlessly. Look for your favorite sweater, military pants, and sneakers, and you’re all set. If you’re using printed military pants, opt to wear a plain-colored top and vice versa. You can wear your favorite sunglasses if you’re planning to have your grocery trip in the middle of the day.  

3.) During autumn: You need to dress appropriately for the seasons. And when autumn comes, use military pants as a staple in your outfit. This piece will make you stand out from the crowd no matter where you are. And you only need a few pieces for the look: Your military green pants, a ruffled tank, ankle boots and a beanie. You can wear this look during a daytime affair with family.


In With The New

If you haven’t seen your favorite celebrity where these pieces, you might never know that sweatshorts and military pants actually exist. You might not have any idea how these simple pieces can drastically help with you in different ways. And while these fashion pieces might still be new to some, if you think these are apt to your preferences, go ahead and purchase sweatshorts and military pants. Don’t be afraid to experiment with these pieces and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!





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