Wedding photography is fun, regardless if you’re the one taking the shots or the one being photographed. If you are either of these parties, photography sessions are understandably fun and challenging to organize especially since you want these sessions to help the participants bloom and appear amazing for the occasion. However, it doesn’t have to be excruciatingly hard, especially with this guide to help you conduct the best wedding photography session you can brag about to your friends.

According to the XO Group, couples on average spend a whopping $33,391 on weddings, and much of WEDDING THEMEthis budget is spent on making sure personalized, religious, and cultural elements are integrated into their respective special days. Couples look for venues such as parks, museums, wineries, historic homes, farms, and barns as venues for their weddings. Meanwhile, cultural and religious traditions such as a Chinese tea ceremony remain relevant to a lot of these to-be-weds. Meanwhile brides get to spend as much as $1,509 (!) on a wedding dress. Given how much people are spending to make their weddings the “best” there is, it’s only reasonable you pay just as much attention to your photography sessions. However, you may also want to treat this as a time to unwind and experiment. Here’s some of the best themes you can think of:

1.) Go Pop Culture! If you’re a fan of anything in pop culture, be it tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons, or popular television series and novels such as Game of Thrones or Harry Potter or even comic books, it might be an interesting photography shoot to integrate these interests into your pictures. Imagine fighting an evil dragon while in your wedding dress, equipped with swords and shields? 2.

2.) Go Mimic Posters! If you’re the movie fan, try to replicate romantic shots in posters or even in films. Dancing under the stars or holding each other in a ship can be extremely romantic ways of showing your love for your partner.

3.) Go Miniature Photography! Miniature photography is slowly becoming the trend for a lot of photography enthusiasts. Photoshoots like these involve making you and your partner take ridiculous and adorable poses with usually life-sized objects, and then have you and your partner be edited in a huge world as miniatures.

4.) Go Pet Day! If you and your partner cherish pets, and you have one that is part of your little family, consider including your pet in your shoots. Their furry faces can include quite a wonderful and unique dimension to the entire shoot that it may be too hard to resist for guests and viewers.

5.) Go For Nature! If you and your partner have an irresistible love for nature, try to make sure your shoots are outdoors with a wide variety of items and sub-themes. You can go hiking or mountaineering if that’s your passion. You can also go on a picnic, or on a playground, or even on the beach.

6.) Go For Food! If you and your partner love food, you can try opting for an indoor kitchen shoot. You can cook food and bond with your partner while your photographer starts shooting – and your expressions and natural love for food do the talking. Your photos will not only look genuine, but they’ll surely make anyone hungry with love.

7.) Go For Arts And Literature! If you and your partner love books and art, you can try having your photoshoot be centered around those things. You can be messy with paint or charcoal, or have yourself surrounded with your favorite books or manuscripts.

8.) Go For Sports And Fitness! If you and your partner love fitness and are genuine sports buffs, then perhaps getting a wedding shoot revolve around your love for physical activity is for you! You can rent out a football field, or a volleyball field, or even a gym for quite a short while just to show your love for each other.


Conclusion: How Fun Can You Get?

If the above is any indication, wedding photography sessions can range from super serious, super emotional, or even super fun activities. If you’re deciding on a theme, it doesn’t necessarily have to be extremely connected with the wedding theme in itself. If this article is telling us something, it’s that the more candid and the more fun the wedding photography theme is, the more “punchy” its impact could be to viewers. After all, if you’re doing a photography session with the newlyweds, what better way to express their love for each other than to let others see who they are when they’re having fun, right?





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