Tips For A Stylish Pregnancy

Being pregnant is perhaps one of the most wonderful things a woman could experience in their lifetime. If you’re a fashionista, however, you might dread the idea of pregnancy because of the various effects it might be doing to you physically, mentally, and even emotionally. Not all of these effects are bad, of course, but the changes will be obvious the more your child grows inside of you. However, just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you’re going to lose your sense of fashion. In this article, let’s explore some tips for a stylish pregnancy.

Pregnancy shouldn’t be something to scare you either, given how it’s extremely common nowadays. pregnancy (2)Did you know that 19 babies are born for every 1,000 people in the world? This means there’s about 360,000 births per day – equating to 15,000 births per hour, 250 births for every minute, and four births for every second of the day. That’s a whopping 131.4-million births a year, which means potentially that many women in the same condition as you at any given time. Of course, we’re not going to leave you hanging as we’re going to explore how to make yourself look stylish even if you’re pregnant.

1.) You can show off some skin: If, for instance, you’re normally small-chested, being pregnant is a good way for you to experiment with fashion away from the flaunt cleavage and padded bras. Sweaters and t-shirts with a scoop neck can definitely accentuate your chest and offer a more stylish flair to your outfit.

2.) You can still go skinny: If you’re a big fan of skinny jeans even before you’ve become pregnant, you can still pull it off even while carrying your child. A lot of clothing lines now feature extremely comfortable and stretchable leather leggings and skinny jeans that are specifically designed for pregnant women. This works to your favor as it now allows you to show off your curves.

3.) You may go snug to let curves work for you: If you’ve been conscious about your weight before, part of the advice that may be given to you is to go for bigger clothes to hide your shape. However, you can actually choose a more stylish option by instead emphasizing features that aren’t “expanding” your frame. These include blazers, pants, snug-sleeve tops, and other clothing that wrap about your skinnier parts. They’re not only feminine but stylish as well. Even a dress shirt with leggings or jeans can be stylish.

4.) You can go for color: Let everyone see the vibrance of pregnancy by showing of stunning colors with your clothes. Don’t limit yourself to neutral colors and tones – instead wear clothes that aren’t plain so you can emit that radiant aura. Bright sweaters and jackets may even work in bringing life to an otherwise neutral piece of clothing.

5.) You may wear decorations: Part of what makes pregnancy fashion challenging is that you may not have a lot of time to accessorize and show off your collection – but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Elements such as embroidered accents, ruffled trims, or even a few pieces of jewelry can elevate your sense of style.

6.) You can try some trimmings: Another good way of adding a new “dimension” and flair to your style is to be more decorative. Aside from wearing jewelry and accessories, try to go for open-toe sandals, sexy shoes, or even flowy outfits.


Conclusion: It’s Not About Size

Pregnancy is wonderful gift and a blessing that can happen to any woman. After all, this is something that heralds the arrival of new life on Earth, something women can only do. However, a lot of women tend to be insecure because they feel as though pregnancy might be making them look unpleasant, but if the above tips are to be considered, pregnancy is just one of the many scenarios where women can slowly find their sense of style. The few tips above for a stylish pregnancy can at least help you, especially if you’re an expecting mother, determine the kind of “pizazz” you can generate even with your new options.








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