Tips On Saving Money When It Comes To Clothing

Trends in fashion are changing by the season. If you are an avid fashion follower, you know how it is to follow the latest trends of each season for you to stay fashionable. But let’s be real: clothing expenditures can eat up a massive chunk of your monthly budget, or worse—put you in debt. 

This article is here to bring good news: there are still ways for you to save and be frugal when it comes to clothing expenses. How? Read more to find out. 

1. Do not be afraid to shop at thrift stores.

There is certainly nothing wrong about shopping at thrift stores. If you’re worried about the clothes having been already worn by someone else, have you ever also realized that “brand-new” clothing sold at department stores have also been worn by another? Many buyers come and go and try to fit these clothes. What matters is how you wash them thoroughly when you get home. 

Thrift stores are not just physical shops now, as there are also many online thrift stores available for those who enjoy online shopping, such as The Volte festival hire, where you can purchase boho and festival outfits for a fraction of their retail cost. 

Buying at thrift stores is one of the most foolproof ways for you to still be frugal without having to sacrifice your sense of style. When you walk into one, it’s like going through a treasure hunt! You never know what to find, but if you’re lucky, you might stumble upon great clothing brands that still look brand-new! In fact, some thrift store shoppers have noted finding clothes that even still have tags on them.

2. Sell the pieces of clothing that you no longer use 

Take the time to go through your closet at least once a year. If there is anything that you haven’t used in a long time, you should already take them out from your closet. Other than the pile that you are going to give for donations, you can also earn a little bit extra by selling all these clothing pieces that you no longer use. You can either hold a garage sale, sell them online, such as in sharing websites, like these top 25 sharing economy sites, or go to department or consignment stores that take your old clothes. 

But remember: as you sell these clothes, don’t use the amount you earn to buy more clothes. Think of something useful that you are going to put the money into, such as buying that vacuum cleaner that your family has been needing, or depositing the amount into a savings account, or paying for your insurance bills. 

3. Try creating a capsule wardrobe for your family.

No, you certainly do not need a hundred pairs of pants. There are only 365 days in a year, and you wouldn’t be able to go through all these pairs in the whole year. For starters, you might want to try creating a capsule or sartorial wardrobe for you or your family. Think of the basics that you need, and start buying only the clothing pieces that you will get to use over and over again. 

As your children are growing fast, too, there is no point in having fifty shirts for them when they wear a uniform every day to school. Now’s the time for you to sit down and think about what it is you only need. In this manner, for the next time that you shop, you can resist the urge to purchase clothing pieces that are only for one-time use.

4. Take care of the clothes that you have.

If you are the type to buy premium or high street clothing brands, most of these are of good quality. When you buy classic pieces that aren’t merely just fads or trends, if you take care of these, they can last you for many years to come. For example, some pairs of jeans come with care instructions. The more that you give attention to these details, the longer your clothing pieces can last you without looking too worn out. 

As a bonus, too, it is to your advantage if you can learn basic sewing. When a button falls lose out of your favorite button-down polo, instead of running to the store to buy a replacement, you can still give it a good fix. 

5. Buy clothing out of season.

If you are an avid shopper, you know how to play this game: Buy spring and summer clothing during winter, and buy winter clothing during the warmer months. When the retail stores have their out of season sale, this is the time for you to take advantage of the clearance items because they are trying to dispose of them before they change their display to seasonal items. If you buy that thick trench during the winter change season sale, you can even save as much as 70% to 90% of the total price. 


Yes, nice looking clothes can indeed build up your self-esteem, can be a great source of stress relief, and can help you stay fashionable. There is no denying that. However, do remember that it isn’t worth getting into debt for clothing. Your needs should always come first, notably savings. Clothing expenses should consistently rank last in the hierarchy of expenses that you are going to spend for. 

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