Tips To Choosing The Perfect Guest Dress For A Wedding

Women wear dresses as a general rule when attending weddings. Figuring out the dress to wear to a wedding might become a challenging endeavor if the invitation doesn’t call for a specific dress code. Continue reading to check out these three tips to help you choose the perfect wedding guest dress.

1. Rent Instead of Buying

Certain people might not have a dress prepared for a wedding, and that crowd might include you. It might be because this particular event is the first wedding you’ll attend. The sudden announcement that a friend or relative is about to tie the knot might surprise your current budget. If you don’t have a wedding dress at the ready, then you can save cash by renting a dress instead of buying one.

There are several wedding dress renters on the market like The Volte. Make sure to reserve the dress you like in advance as you might not be the only person who’s eyeing that particular outfit. Also, head to the store if you can for sizing research. The last thing you’d want to happen is for the dress to arrive at your house and it’s the wrong size. 

Schedule the delivery of the dress a few days or weeks in advance in case the dress doesn’t fit you. This allowance can help you return the dress, choose a new outfit, and still be ready when the day of the event arrives.

2. Avoid Black or White Dresses

One unwritten but staple rule in weddings is never to try and upstage both the bride and groom. With that in mind, it’s usually the bride who has the right to wear white at the wedding. You can still wear white but only as one part of the ensemble.  

Aside from white, there are other colors you should avoid when selecting a color for your dress for a wedding. The couple might not be a big fan of violet because of the superstitious beliefs it brings. Also, pass up the chance to wear excessively bright colors like red as it can draw attention away from the bride and groom. 

Last, make sure never to wear black to a wedding. There is one exception to that rule, and that’s when the invitation calls for it. Certain marriage ceremonies may have a black tie theme in place; check the invitation if the event allows you to wear a black dress. If the message isn’t on the letter, then you may want to ask the bride or groom for clarifications.

3. The Right Dress for the Right Wedding


The couple about to be wed may present a theme for the celebration to make the day more special. You can play around with your choice of dress following the theme. Here are a few suggestions you can wear for the right wedding celebration: 

  • A Casual Outdoor Wedding 

Wear a short dress with playful colors. Pastel shades are ideal in this environment. You can also wear flats if the wedding will be held on a grassy area. 

  • A Casual Beach Wedding 

An airy and light dress is an excellent choice for this scenario. You may want to go for a crochet skirt or a maxi dress. Don’t attempt to wear too many layers as the location might become too hot for comfort. Also, choose flats or shoes instead of sandals because you’ll be stepping on sand. 

  • A Rustic Wedding in a Cold Place

The couple might invite you to a wedding in the mountains. If so, bring a jacket but stick to the recommended theme. You may also want to incorporate cowboy boots or a suede belt depending on your chosen dress. 

  • A Semi-Formal Wedding at an Art Gallery

This wedding is going to be a great time to wear statement dresses or accessories. Opt for wearing an ensemble that is more fashion-forward. Still, always remember that you shouldn’t upstage the bride with the clothes you’re going to wear. 

  • A Black Tie Wedding 

Black tie events require men to wear a tux or a suit. For women, the clothing needs to lean towards a floor-length gown. Don’t go too casual by wearing a cocktail dress. 


Don’t forget to match your dress with the right accessories. Your dress might look plain if you don’t decorate it with matching apparels and ornaments. Last, don’t plan to buy or rent your dress a few days before the event. Cramming is never a good choice when you want to look your best during a wedding.   

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