Tips To Find The Best Women’s Running Shoes & Workout Clothing

The shoes and clothes you wear when working out can significantly affect the success of your efforts. Using the appropriate workout clothes makes it a lot easier for you to do your exercise routine because comfort is never compromised. You’ll have more motivation to work out if you also get to wear an ensemble that actually looks good on you. 

But, with the number of local and international brands selling women’s running shoes and activewear today, do you have any idea which one to go for and patronize?  Are you aware of the factors to consider when shortlisting your options? 

To help you achieve your fitness goals fast, make sure that you take note of these tips when looking for the best women’s running shoes and workout clothing: 

1. Start By Picking The Right Fabric 

For you to narrow down your options fast, pay attention to the fabric of the running shoes and workout clothing that you’re eyeing to buy. The fabric of these items can affect your performance when working out because some types tend to get heavier if drenched in sweat, making it challenging for you to move. 

When choosing which fabric should your running shoes and workout clothing be made of, consider the following tips: 

  • Wick:

    Fabrics that naturally “wick” the sweat away from your skin are the best material for running shoes and workout clothing. This fabric helps sweat to evaporate from your skin so you will not soak your clothing and feel sweaty even after training for hours.

  • Cotton: 

    Cotton is a very breathable fabric, but it isn’t the best choice for working out. Cotton can absorb sweat, and it doesn’t pull it away from your skin. Running shoes and workout clothing made from cotton can feel heavier as you sweat. 

  • Non-breathable fabrics are a big no-no: 

    Fabrics that don’t allow your skin to breathe when working out should be crossed off of your list. Plastic-based or rubber-based fabrics, for example, can prevent your sweat from evaporating, and will only increase your body temperature when working out. 

2. Get The Right Fit

With the variety of running shoes and workout clothes available today, it’ll be easy for you to find pieces that match your style and personality. However, since you’ll be using these apparel when working out, you shouldn’t solely focus on their appearance or how good they look when you wear them. The fit of the running shoes and workout clothes matter more. 

After finding the items you need, make sure that you fit them before making your purchase. The activewear you’ll use should hug your body perfectly without sagging or causing a camel-toe. Your shoes, on the other hand, should provide the right amount of grip and still allow your toe to move freely. It’ll be hard to focus on working out if you’re running shoes and workout clothes are either too loose or too tight. 

For you to end up with the perfect-sized running shoes and workout clothing, take note of the following: 

  • Wearing clothes that are loose yet comfortable are best when working out. However, if your routine includes a lot of running and biking, make sure to avoid wearing too loose or wide-leg pants as these can easily tangle up in the pedals or your feet. 
  • Fitted clothing that can wick away sweat is an excellent choice if you’re into the likes of Pilates and yoga. The workout clothes you wear for these activities should be comfortable and allow you to stretch with ease. 
  • A general rule to follow when fitting running shoes and workout clothing is to make sure that whatever you wear doesn’t get in the way of your workout. This is one of the reasons why you should consider what activity you will be using your activewear for before trying out options. 

3. Read Reviews Online

The Internet can be a goldmine of information when buying running shoes and workout clothing. If you’re buying these items for the first time, reading reviews online can help you narrow down your options, buy the best running shoes and workout clothes, and avoid any scams or overpriced pieces. 

Although online reviews are not always conclusive, this platform can still help you manage your expectations and redirect you to better options. The Internet is accessible to anyone around the globe, so expect to read a lot – both positive and negative – about a particular product. 

If you’re planning to buy a pair of running shoes that are slightly above your budget, you can check online reviews to determine whether this pair is worth the price. Let the experience of other people wearing that pair guide you to make smart purchases. 

4. Know Where To Buy

Contrary to popular belief, you can buy the best running shoes and workout clothes without breaking the bank. As mentioned, several businesses are now selling activewear, and each of these has different price points. 

For starters, take the time to look for running shoes and workout clothing in discounted stores. Nowadays, these stores now feature fitness sections that offer different types of activewear for women. You can even score branded activewear at discounted prices from these stores if you look hard enough!

You can also check the clearance sections of local retail stores. Activewear displayed in the clearance rack doesn’t immediately mean that these pieces are below par in terms of quality. You’ll be surprised how clearance sections of stores provide a great selection of activewear that perfectly works for you. 

You can stretch your dollar more by signing up for rewards programs offered by your favorite retail stores. You should also follow your favorite brands through all of their social media profiles to ensure that you’ll get first dibs on their sales and freebies. 

Avoid Comparisons 

Aside from the available options in the market today, women find it difficult to shop for the best running shoes and workout clothing because they tend to compare themselves to others. If you recently joined a cycling class, you might see yourself wanting to wear what others are wearing. 

For you to easily choose the best running shoes and workout clothing, avoid the “comparison trap” and focus on yourself more. You should choose activewear because it enhances your performance when working out, not because everyone else is using it. 

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