What Is Hemp Material, And Why Is It In?

If you’re someone who’s always keen on the materials your clothes are made of, you might already be familiar with hemp fabric or hemp clothing. As the name suggests, hemp material is made from cannabis sativa or industrial hemp. This plant is common in different parts of Eastern Asia but because of its uses, cannabis sativa has been cultivated in different parts of the globe. Hemp material is still new for many but actually, hemp fabric has been used as early as 8,000 BC. It’s been used as sacks, sailcloth and even canvas in different countries in Asia and the Middle East. Aside from its origin, there are many reasons why hemp fabric is in and some of these are due to the following:

hemp1.) Hemp fabric is strong: When you’re scouting for materials to be used in your clothing, you would always want to use something that’s strong. Your clothes should be used for the longest time possible, right? If wearing strong fabrics is always your priority, consider hemp fabric. Hemp is the most durable of all natural fibers, being 3.3 times more durable than cotton. Anything that’s made from hemp will generally have a longer lifespan. Additionally, hemp fabric is absorbent and lightweight and can handle stretches better compared to cotton.

2.) Hemp fabric is weather-resistant: And while you can’t always predict how the weather will be, hemp fabric can make you look good every time you’re outdoors. Hemp fabric is UV and mold-resistant. When you wear a shirt which is made from this material, your skin won’t be harmed by the sun’s UV rays. You’ll also be free from any stink when you wear hemp fabric during rainy days.

3.) Hemp fabric is versatile: Everyone wants versatility in all the pieces in their wardrobe. It’s never a good thing to use the exact outfit too frequently. This is something which hemp fabric can help you with. This material is versatile enough to be blended with other fabrics such as silk and cotton, without compromising comfort. You’ll be able to look good with the number of pieces hemp fabric can give you!

4.) Hemp fabric is hypo-allergenic: Some people have very sensitive skin. Wearing inappropriate fabric can cause excessive itch and redness in different parts of their body. Fortunately, hemp fabric is hypoallergenic. It’s non-irritating to the skin and can even kill bacteria that come in contact with its surface. This makes hemp fabric very sanitary.

5.) Hemp fabric retains colors: Seeing your favorite red shirt turn to pink after a few uses is common yet very distressing. As much as possible, you want your clothes to always have the same colors when you first bought it. After all, this might be the reason why you chose that piece of clothing in the first place. If you want to see your clothes have its original colors, switch to hemp fabric. This material can be dyed easily and retains color very well. Regardless of how many time you’ll wear and wash something made from hemp, its original color will stay.

6.) Hemp fabric is easy on the environment: Among all of the benefits hemp fabric has, this one is the most remarkable. Unlike other fabrics, hemp is actually easy on the environment for many reasons. First, hemp farming only requires minimal amount of water, doesn’t need any chemical fertilizers or pesticides and is considered as a renewable resource. Second, everything during the hemp production process is actually used: seeds are added to oil and food supplements and stalks are allotted for fiber. Third, hemp farming produces more fiber per acre than trees do and can be renewed at least twice a year. Lastly, hemp plants are better in absorbing carbon dioxide than trees. These reasons are more than enough to convince you how useful hemp fabric is.


More Options, More Benefits

If you want to be on top of the game when it comes to fashion, you should gradually add more pieces made from hemp fabric. Not only is this fabric new, but this can also provide you and the environment many benefits. If you think hemp fabric is something appropriate for your style, go ahead and start looking for clothing pieces made from this material. Who knows, hemp fabric might be the only piece you’ll need to stand out from the crowd!






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