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What To Wear On A Beach Vacation

Your friends invited you to a beach vacation next weekend. And because you’re so stressed from work and from everything that’s happening around you, of course, you said “yes.” You think that the beach will be a good place to relax and recharge yourself. In your mind, it’s always good to escape from everything once in a while. And when you’re with your friends, you know you’ll always have fun. You’ve already started to plan out what could be done on the beach – BBQs, bonfires, pictures – but deciding what to wear is something which you still haven’t figured out yet. You think this is important because once you forget something, you’ll never have the chance to get it from home.

The beach is indeed a very good place for a vacation. Regardless of where the beach is located, as long as there’s sand, sea and sun, you can easily relax and have fun! But on the other side of the coin, you won’t have as much fun if you forgot to wear something. You’ll probably be stressed thinking about it! To ensure that your beach vacation will make you feel better, take note of the things you can wear:

1.) Swimsuit: There’s one is a no-brainer. When you go to the beach, you should immediately think wear beach vacationwhat kind of swimsuit you should wear. This is the most appropriate swimming attire regardless of which beach are you planning to spend your vacation. There are many swimsuits available out there so make sure you pick one which is apt for your body size. One tip though, avoid purchasing swimsuits online because first, the actual product might not be the same compared to the pictures posted on the internet and second, your orders might arrive a little too late for your beach vacation. It’s always better to shop for swimsuits personally!

2.) Cover up: When the sun is too hot, you need extra coverage – and a cover-up can do just that! This can protect you from the sun’s harmful rays while being stylish at the same time. A cover-up, even with your swimsuit underneath, is an effortlessly way of dressing up for a night out with your friends. It’s summery, cool and will never restrict your movements. You can still dance the night away even with a cover up on!

3.) Shorts and tank tops: If you’re too tired of wearing swimsuits, you can also choose to wear shorts and tank tops. When you use this combo, it’ll keep you cool throughout your beach vacation and you can also avoid tan-lines. For your shorts, opt to wear those which are dark-colored or are made from jeans to avoid stains. Board shorts are also excellent options.

4.) Flip Flops: It’s tough to wear sandals or shoes when you’re on the beach. With the sand and water, this can only damage your footwear. The quick solution? Wear flip-flops. There are many designs and styles to choose from so for sure, you can end up wearing the ones you like. When you have your flip flops with you, you’ll be free to run around with your friends and frolic in the water. You won’t have to worry about straps being broken because yes, flip flops are made for beaches!

5.) Loose pants: When the winds get chilly during night time, you can wear loose pants. These are usually made from lightweight material, perfect for the ambiance of the beach. These are very comfortable to wear and are very light to carry in your baggage. You can wear these anytime during your beach vacation – during breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can even wear one when you’re travelling to and from the beach!

6.) Beach bag: Regardless if you’re going to the beach to play or lie in the sand to read a good book, you’ll need a beach bag. This is where you’ll throw everything you’ll need during your beach vacation. When buying one, make sure that you pick which is waterproof and is made of plastic. You don’t want your valuables to get wet while you’re having fun, right?

7.) Beach towel: You can’t possibly get dry after a swim without a towel. And nowadays, you can beach vacationpurchase round towels you can use while sitting on the sand. Beach towels also come in different sizes – you can find one which can fit you and your friends. And with the number of styles available for sale, you will surely find one which shows off your unique personality.

8.) Sunhat: If you want to stand out from the crowd while protecting yourself from the sun, a sunhat is the solution you’ll need. This is a stylish way of keeping your face from being sunburnt. And just like beach towels, there are many designs to choose from when it comes sunhats!

9.) Sunglasses: When you’re at the beach, everything can become too sunny that you’ll end up squinting your eyes. Doing this might be helpful but when done in longer periods, this can cause chronic headache and even wrinkles around your eyes – and you would never want that! Always pack up your sunglasses with you so you can view everything at the beach with ease.

10.) Sunscreen: The beach might be all that good – not until your skin suffers the consequences (aka sunburns). Sunburns are very painful which can affect your daily routine. When you have a sunburn, simple chores can become a challenge, especially if you’re dressing up. To prevent this from happening, never forget to bring your sunscreen with you. The higher the SPF, the longer you can stay in the sun. And if possible, make sure to apply sunscreen every hour while you’re on the beach. You can also use after sun lotions or sprays to avoid the “stings” you usually get after swimming during daytime.

Be Prepared

The ambiance of the beach itself already seems fun. You can do a lot of activities here and bond with friends and family. If you want to relax or play, go to the beach and fun! You’ll be surprised how a simple beach vacation can do wonders for your mood. Use this article as your reference, and for sure, you won’t have any trouble deciding what to wear in your next beach vacation.





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