What To Wear To Work: Office Clothes For Men And Women

For stylists and fashionistas, the image of a corporate life can be a bit dull. After all, it’s just suits and ties and pants everyday – with no room for experimentation or style. It can be a buzzkill, especially if you have your own signature brand for fashion, and it can certainly make working corporate a bit… lifeless. But should it be that way? What if we told you there are ways to modify what to wear to work – and office clothes for men and women can actually be used to add that pizazz you’ve been looking for?

1.) Be sure to assess the industry: This might seem automatic, but it’s essential that you learn about how people in your industry dress in order to gauge what’s “in” and what’s not in your profession. If your company has a dress code, make sure you follow all of its tenets even if you plan on customizing your look. Remember, your job still matters more than your appearance – and you’ll most likely be able to perform better if you’re wearing the right clothes. Reserve your flair and artistry during formal company events, if you don’t want to risk your position.

BUSINESS WEAR2.) Richer colors, not flashy ones: Solid and dark colors usually convey a sense of authority compared lighter clothes. Don’t resort to flashy clothing or neon colors unless specifically directed to do so, especially for an event. But if not, wear rich colors that don’t blend in the background so you will have that air of authority with you.

3.) Make sure your uniform and other clothes fit:
It’s important you make sure the wardrobe you experiment with are clothes that fit you in the first place. Some would prefer loose clothing in order to emphasize comfort, but not particularly in the workplace. Ensure that your clothes, especially your uniform, are a good fit for you.

4.) Glasses should fit: While the casual adjustment of glasses can be cute for some people, don’t do this regularly as it can be distracting to others. One of the main culprits of glasses sliding down noses is that the glasses don’t fit anymore – so if this is happening to you, it might be time for a glasses change.

5.) Dry your hair all the time: Don’t ever leave your home with your hair wet, as “drying it on the way” almost always never works. Having wet hair at work means you probably don’t have your career together, which sets bad precedent especially if you’re a meeting or a conversation with your boss. Take the time to look presentable, which means taking suitable adjustments to your schedule if you don’t want to be late.

6.) Wear light cologne, perfume: While smelling good certainly boosts appeal, don’t go for strong scents as they can throw people off-guard. Try to use something subtle and smooth, as these smells can then accentuate your overall impression and not saturate your peers.

7.) Pay close attention to footwear: Your shoes make an integral part of your fashion sense at work, as these are small enough to experiment with but big enough to grab attention. Make sure your shoes are clean and well-kept, and make sure that you don’t wear ankle-length socks with them.

8.) Accessorize carefully: Don’t accessorize too much as it can redirect and remove attention of people you’re talking with. These include the usage of jewelry, sunglasses, makeup, beards, moustaches, and goatees. While people think they look more appealing with facial hair (which is true for some people), clean-shaven faces still make better impressions in businesses.

9.) Pay attention to your bag: Your accessories are your best friend, so make sure you get them ready – alongside emergency makeup supplies. Your bag should be clean or closed all the time, and never ever wear knapsacks at work unless it’s absolutely necessary. Your briefcase or purse should be organized and well-kept, even without the presence of others. Your bag is part of your attire, and having a messy bag means maybe having a messy and disorganized way to tackling work.


Conclusion: More Than Just Corporate

Office clothes, inasmuch as they look slick and plain, can actually be stylish given the right amount of effort and flair. The tips above would likely be able to give you a few things you could use to spice up your office wardrobe, as what to wear to work isn’t limited to what looks the “most corporate.” Given enough creativity and experimentation, you’ll be able to bring life out of your work clothes – even if it’s just a pair of pants, a blazer, and a dress shirt.




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